Tunisia is a beautiful, challenging and mystical country. The climate can be tough but the abundance of interesting culture and inspirational food as well as intriguing architecture more than make up for it. Before you travel to Tunisia a visa might be required though and it’s important to be aware of domestic rules and regulations when it comes to eligible travel documentation. Whether or not you need a visa is dependent upon your country of origin and in order to learn more about Tunisia eVisa requirements it’s advisable to go online and read the current information before you travel.

Countries that will need apply for a visa to travel to Tunisia

There are approximately 97 countries from which citizens can visit Tunisia visa-free and these include the US, Canada, Argentina, China and Russia. The short-term period is usually 90 days and the entire list of countries that may visit Tunisia without a visa can be found online. There are also additional examples such as citizens from Germany and Canada whom are allowed to visit the country for up to four months and visitors from for instance Greece which may stay for a period of two months. Then there are the countries where citizens do need to apply for a visa before visiting Tunisia. Belgium, UK, Russia, Italy and Spain are all countries where its nationals need to apply for a visa before travelling to Tunisia. You will also need to apply for a visa if you are a citizen from a visa-free country but wishes to extend your stay beyond the agreed upon time-period. The full list of visa-eligible countries may be found on the same site as where you can read about the current visa application regulations. The current visa application process is a fairly easy one and visas may be obtained from embassies or consulates. Alongside an approved visa, travellers must also have a valid passport to enter the country.

The visa system application process

There is change on the horizon when it comes to the visa application process for Tunisia. In an attempt to simplify the visa application process, a Tunisia Online Visa, an eVisa will be available as of later this year. The entire process will only take a few minutes to complete and since it’s done online there will be no more need for time consuming visits to embassies or consulates. By simply filling out some basic information online such as your name, date of birth and passport number alongside some security-related questions, you have completed the online visa application process and once it is approved you will receive your eVisa by email. As such, it is a simple 3 step approach were applicants fill out the online application form, pay for the visa by using a credit or debit card before submitting and ultimately receiving an approved visa application. The most important thing is to be extremely accurate when filling out the information as one of the most common reasons for visa applications to be rejected are abnormalities in the application paperwork. Once the visa application process is completed there is nothing standing in the way of your trip to wonderful Tunisia.