If you can spare a few minutes to read these, we promise you that it will be an excellent decision.

Before we get started, we will like to expose you to a little secret you will promise to keep between us. There are cigars and there are REAL CIGARS! The latter are splendid and phenomenal for the quality of aroma, and overall feel they bestow on the smoker.

Among these REAL CIGARS, one brand further stands out from the pack in glowing excellence. This is the White Owl Cigar. Before we talk about the best white owl flavors you can buy, let us quickly give you a rundown of why you should buy them.

Apart from the varieties and awesomeness of this domestic cigar, you get to save cost while having premium pleasure. White Owl cigar flavors are highly economical, welcoming for the new smoker, and subtle in taste.

Most importantly, you won’t find degraded flavors among White Owl’s offerings. Beautifully and neatly wrapped, this machine made cigar flaunts that perfect shape you need for smooth usage. They Cigars are neatly packed in foil pouches. We all know such foils have a unique way of preserving the freshness of your cigar.

Now, let us move on to the flavors

We have the white grape, emerald, green sweet, raspberry, black, mango, honey bourbon, pineapple, peaches, silver, and many others.

The mango flavor is one of the finest sweet tropical flavors we have seen. You are sure to find it refreshing with also a bold edge to it. This cigar leaf has this sumptuous Island fruit taste. Raspberry is also one of the best. The flavor is a hit among smokers; perfect for any kind of occasion, mild and gentle, sweet and soothing.

White grape is another flavor deservedly keeping itself at the top of smokers’ dream flavors. Folks who have smoked this flavor hardly turn their back on it. The white grape gives you a sustainable smoking session lasting as long as 30 minutes. Yes, it is that good with a sweet taste that has been winning many hearts in different nations.

The emerald white owl flavors has a special way of quenching your taste as it is carefully wrapped in the foil to give you what that perfect smoke. White Owl Emerald belongs to the eminent family of un-flavored cigars which are un-sweet cigars. This flavor is made from a thoroughly natural premium blend of the best tobacco our civilization can brag about. In most cases, you will see the White Owl Emerald presented a distinct green wrapper as against the customary brown wrapper we have come to know White Owl Platinum for.

It is one thing to make choices, it is another to secure the choices you have made. This is truly because many cigar flavors can shoot far above our budget. Would you mind learning of that ultimate cigar destination where you get to spend less for much more spectacular quality?

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