Water Dispenser is a must-have for any home or office. They’re affordable, easy to maintain and use, and most importantly, they dispense water, eliminating the stress of physically fetching water whenever you’re thirsty.

There are different types of water dispensers in terms of looks, price, quality, functions, and features. There are also different manufacturers in the market. However, Whirlpool Self Cleaning Water Dispenser has been making a lot of raves recently. Want to know more about this water dispenser?

Here’s a general review of the Whirlpool Self Cleaning Water Dispenser:

Product Overview

Whirlpool Self Cleaning Water Dispenser is one of the best water dispenser products you can find. It has all the things you want in a water dispenser: durability, value, quality, premium warranty, etc. Not to mention that it’s also produced by a reputable brand. The Whirlpool brand has been in business for decades and has successfully created a niche for themselves over the years.

The whirlpool self-cleaning water dispenser has quality parts that guarantee durability. It’s not affected by weather conditions, and the steel stainless parts give it a modern outlook that’ll be a perfect fit for modern homes and offices.

After a while, a typical water dispenser tends to accumulate dirt and even germs. However, the whirlpool self-cleaning water dispenser is well equipped to self-cleanse and also kill unwanted viruses and bacteria before contaminating the water supply.

This product is the latest, both in tech and design, and is a result of decades of tested models from the Whirlpool brand. Hence, the whirlpool self-cleaning water dispenser is one of the best water dispensation options available on the market.

For your reference, here’s another review of the whirlpool self-cleaning water dispenser:


Main Features

  • Self-cleaning Feature: As its name suggests, this product comes with a technology that can self-cleanse both the water content and the container. It does this by using automated, unstable oxygen injections to kill the germs and other harmful substances in the water.
  • Cooling and Heating Power: One of the best things about this model is its cooling and heating ability. Most water dispensers merely dispense normal temperature water or at most cool water, but the whirlpool self-cleaning model can dispense both cold and hot water. Thus, you can have water as cold as 9°F and as hot as tea temperature.

Because it possesses both cooling and heating powers, this product is suitable for either warmer and cold temperatures. When not in use, the hot button automatically goes off for safety.

  • LED Indicator Lights: this model comes with LED indicator lights that come on whenever the self-cleaning feature is on. The LED lights also turn on whenever the cold and hot water is at the ideal temperature.
  • Quality and Durable Parts: The whirlpool self-cleaning model is made with durable stainless-steel parts. The faucets are created with materials that are unbreakable even with frequent use. It also has a solid upper frame that can take up to 300 lb weight.
  • Bottom Loading Technology: The bottom loading technology is one of the best features of this model. It uses a powerful water pumper that ensures long-lasting usage and a siphon that sucks up remaining water to avoid wastage.

Pro and Cons


  • Design made to fit any décor
  • Latest technology
  • Self-cleaning
  • LED light indicators are to show you when the functions are working. The screen also displays the process of self-cleaning the dispenser
  • Made to last long
  • Offers both cold and hot water for extreme temperatures
  • Easy to set up and use
  • You can customize your Whirlpool self-cleaning water dispenser in terms of water jug sizes
  • There’s a one-year manufacturer warranty
  • Comes with a safety button


  • It doesn’t offer normal temperature water, either hot or cold, and sometimes you want to drink water that’s neither too cold nor hot.
  • You may experience slight noise whenever the tank is refilling.
  • May leave stains of oil dirt and fingerprints since it has a stainless-steel outer frame.
  • Expensive to buy. The whirlpool self-cleaning water dispenser can be expensive to some people especially when compared to other water dispenser models. Still, the price is entirely worth it


Generally, this product fulfills the need for more efficient water dispensers. It also solved the problem of unclean water as a result of germs contamination. It’s effortless to use, and very durable, making it one of the best water dispenser products currently available on the market.

Despite its high costs, investing in this product might be just what you need in your home and/or office space.