Handbags come in many different styles, materials, shapes, and colors. Of course, they can also differ in terms of how they feel on the shoulder or slung across the body, so these are undoubtedly some factors to consider too when searching for the right handbag style. With all these questions in mind, you’re no doubt asking; which handbag style is right for me?

In the end, there’s a lot of influences that will help you think that a handbag style is right for you. Let’s explore what Mau-fashion.com bags recommendation of these could be below.

The Clutch Bag

The clutch bag is the go-to handbag for any lady out on the town, so it must mean there’s something appealing about it. This kind of bag is small enough to be neatly tucked under an arm and is even light enough to be carried by hand for long periods of time. It’s the little bag you can safely stash a few little items in, such as cell phones and tissues, without having to worry about things getting too cumbersome.
Of course, the ideal situation to use the clutch bag is when you’re socializing with the ladies. It won’t get in the way or be a bother to lug around and is easy enough to keep close while storing a few items. Moreover, it doubles nicely as a subtle fashion accessory, meaning it adds stylish value to any ensemble that you’re wearing.

The Shoulder Bag

There’s greater support in the shoulder bag, and it’s likely the most common iteration of a handbag that women use. It typically accompanies women when shopping or running other errands, ensuring they’re equipped for everything. This is because they have space for many little sub-compartments, whereby owners can stash their goodies.
The shoulder bag offers a longer strap than most of its rivals offer, giving it an air of simplicity when carrying it around. Still, they can come with smaller straps too if a tighter hold is what you prefer. In the end, there’s a bit more flexibility here.

The Backpack Purse

Obviously, on the go storage doesn’t get much better than the backpack. There’s enough room for everything you need; whether it’s makeup, books, phone chargers or bottles of water. Still, by detaching the d-rings, the backpack can evolve into a satchel, and yes, a handbag too, bringing some diversity into the fold.

However, women recently questioned why a purse of theirs cost more than a handbag, with a debate taking place thereafter about which was more valuable. Is it a debate worth having? No! The backpack purse is a suitable blend of the two, quickly solving the conundrum it seems! They’re fashionable and affordable from Radley, fusing both handbags and purses together in one smooth, fashionable stroke. This kind of evolving product is a must-have, simply because it adapts based on your needs!