Relationships have always been tough. And, they have become even tougher in the present day. We often talk about how much our modern lifestyle demands from our mind and body. But one thing people often forget is the toll it takes on relationships. The modern way of living puts tremendous stress on our relationships. The constant use of technology, tight schedules and career-related stress can push relationships to a breaking point, says Dr Meghana Dikshit, a highly experienced relationship counsellor in Mumbai.

So, if you have a feeling that there’s significant strain on your bond with parents, a sibling, spouse, or a close friend, it is a great idea to consult a respected and experienced relationship therapist.

What is Relationship Counselling?

This could be known many various names, like marriage and family counseling. But the aim is the same – to provide you with a non-judgmental and caring environment to find your way through the difficulties in your relationships.

As an expert relationship therapist Dr Meghana Dikshit will first help you identify the core issues that may be causing the strain. After that, a series of short sessions do take place to resolve the underlying problems. The number of sessions depends on the gravity of the problem.

When to See a Relationship Therapist?

Many people believe that one should seek therapy only when the relationship is at the brink of collapse, such as a looming divorce. But it is often too late by then. In fact, most people wait too long to seek professional help for their relationship. This only makes the situation worse.

Marriage and family counseling should be sought as soon as the problems start affecting your daily life. Some signs that you might need to see a relationship therapist are:

  • You find it difficult to express your feelings to each other.
  • Disagreements seem unsolvable on your own.
  • Your interactions are generally filled with contempt, withdrawal or criticism.
  • You have experienced infidelity, potential abuse, or addiction.
  • Your daily life has been shaken by a stressful event.
  • You want to strengthen your relationship.

It is also important to remember that you can seek relationship counselling in India even if you do not experience any of these issues. Even in relationships that do not have obvious problems, counselling can help prevent the chances of any issues developing in the future.

How to Make Relationship Counselling Effective?

Some of the things that can help improve the effectiveness of counselling are:

  • Honesty

For your counseling to be successful, it is vital that you do not lie to the relationship therapist. The best marriage counselors make the environment extremely non-judgmental and comfortable, so you can express your feelings honestly.

  • Listen to Your Partner

When in therapy with another person, it is important that you listen to what the other individual has to say. Being defensive makes the process more difficult.

  • Give it Time

Marriage and family counselling can take time, and not just during the sessions. You might be given certain tasks to perform when at home or try new patterns of interaction and communication.

So, if you’re facing any issues, don’t hesitate from seeking relationship counselling in India. You can overcome your personal and professional obstacles with the right help from a professional.