Outdoor House Lights

Three Things You Need To Understand About Outdoor Lighting. Understanding the pros of outdoor lighting is going to allow you to create a gorgeous lighting goal or plan that is going to suit your needs best.

1) Outdoor Lighting Brings To The Value Of Your Property

Outdoor Lighting
Beautiful lighting has the ability to make any home more attractive. Simple touches to the home like a lamp post at the very end of your driveway can add a touch of charm. To create a gorgeous layered look to the home, you will want to add lighting to multiple locations.

2) A Stunning Unified Look

outdoor lighting ideas for front of house
To add to the curb appeal of your home, use the very same exact style of lighting across the property for a simple and stylish look.

3) Added Safety & Security

Ample Lighting
Ensure that your home has ample lighting around the driveway and entryways for extra safety.

How To Pick The Best Outdoor Lights

Depends on your needs and home. There are going to be several choices available to you. You have to just go with your personal taste and see what best suits you and the decoration style you are going for, for your home.

Wall Lighting

Wall Lighting
These types of lights are best used on the porch, garage, patios, and entryways. Typically, the classic porch light is mounted to any vertical surface for warmth, charm, and safety. These are one of the most common outdoor fixtures on any house, given there durable and stylish looks, they are a great light to begin with.

Hanging Lights And Ceiling Lights

Hanging Lights And Ceiling Lights
These types of lights are best used in covered patios and porches. Are you looking for a way to add more light to that gorgeous veranda or covered porch? Perhaps there is no room available for a traditional porch light? In this case, you will want to look into one of the many options available with ceiling and hanging lights. These types of lights are perfect for really damp places or locations due to their ability to steering clear of water and they offer a beautiful addition to any area.

Post Lights & Pier Mount Lights

Pier Mount Lights
You will find that these types of lights work best near driveways, walkways and patios. As the very name suggests, these lights usually work best on the top of a post. Considering the majority of these lights will be placed near driveways and walkways they are specifically designed with a “wet rating’, which allows for extended exposure to moisture and rain.

Security Lights

Security Lights
You will find that it is best to use security lights near garages, alleys, and walkways. One of the best ways to use security lights is to find ones that include a motion sensor for full protection by detecting movement. Lights for security are typically much brighter which is a perfect way to ward off scrupulous individuals. keep in mind though that motion lights do have the ability to be used as a decorative feature as well. Consider placing these lights in an area that features high traffic as they will turn on, on a need basis. Check out the section below for more information:

Landscape Lights

Landscape Lights
Landscape lighting is best used to accent gardens and landscape features. Landscape lighting uses a low wattage system that is kept separate for the systems talked about above. You can use floodlights, path, and spot to create an incredible layered look on any landscape.

Does your home need damp or wet rated outdoor lighting systems?

Usually, most outdoor lighting systems are designed for wet or damp location usage. This is the difference between the two systems that you need to know. Wet rated systems are designed to be used in areas that are directly affected by rain and wind. Most usually, post lights, outdoor wall lights, and motion sensor lights are rated for this use. Whereas., damp-rated systems are generally used in the patios, porches, pergolas, and other areas that typically do not see the direct exposure. Hanging lights and outdoor ceiling ceiling lights are usually in this category. You can always contact outdoor lighting houston tx for assistance.

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