Perhaps it was another exhausting day at work. You arrive home, and although the stress has temporarily vanished, it is not enough. All you dream about is to remain in relative seclusion, if only for a while. After careful consideration, you decide to abandon the idea of installing privacy fences, as it would require too much hassle. You don’t have much experience mixing concrete, and that is something your neighbour George told you, “is an absolute must!”.

But what if it’s possible to install a vinyl fence posts without a concrete? Although there is still much to do, the entire process would seem far less intimidating. Thankfully, the inhabitants of Western Canada for decades have been using a post pounder to complete this task, and after reading this article, you’ll be able to do it as well. Installing vinyl fence posts without concrete will allow you, if the need arises, to move the posts more easily.

Why Install Vinyl Fence

There are several reasons for you to install a privacy fence:

  • Are you tired of your neighbour monitoring your every move? In our often hectic lives, a place where you can relax without a worry in the world is indeed a godsend. Without the feeling of being observed, you’ll be able to unwind even after the most gruelling of days.
  • Are you living in a dangerous neighbourhood? A privacy fence will not only make it harder for the potential robbers to, well, rob you, but it will also make it harder for them to see whether your house is worth robbing. Additionally, the fence will not only keep the bad people out, but it will also ensure children’s and pet’s safety, which will certainly save you some nerves.
  • Is your area unusually windy? A vinyl fence will make it much easier to have a meal outside without being bombarded continuously by dust and insects.
  • Are there any major roads nearby, or perhaps local animals have a habit of making annoying noises? A privacy fence will alleviate this problem, blocking off the sounds coming from the outside world.

Things to Remember

When you decide that the time is right, follow those steps to ensure that this process goes smoothly:

Mind the Temperature

Avoid installing the vinyl fence on particularly hot or cold days. Vinyl expands in hot temperatures and contracts when it’s cold. It means that in order to do it properly, you would need to know how much your vinyl will change in size. To avoid making things more complicated, it is best to perform this task when it’s neither hot nor cold.

Remove the obstacles

Remove any objects that are in the way. It is better to do it before you start installing a fence. There may be some invisible obstacles underground, removal of which may be quite an effort consuming. Smooth out any irregularities that are present, which will ensure that the entire construction is stable.

Remember about Underground Lines!

But before you do, make sure to contact your local utility locating service to avoid accidentally damaging any underground lines. It would be quite costly and it certainly wouldn’t improve your relations with the neighbours. Remember that fencing off your property doesn’t mean that you will stop seeing your neighbours at all.

The Color

Avoid purchasing darker coloured vinyl fences. The colour will not only fade with time, but such a fence will also absorb more heat, which will make it softer quicker. It is better to choose a light-coloured fence, which will improve its lifespan. Also, your world won’t be as grim!

Measure Twice, Cut Once!

Make sure that the measurements are correct. Discovering a mistake, later on, would substantially increase the amount of work you have to do. It is much easier to correct any inaccuracies when you install your fence posts without concrete, but ultimately its additional hassle.

The Durability

Remember that vinyl isn’t as durable as other types of materials used to make fences, which means that you cannot simply drive in the posts into the ground. It would almost certainly damage the posts. Instead, start by digging a hole and then use the ground to make sure it is stable. It is best to use quality vinyl fence products that will be more resistant to damage

Use a Post Pounder

Install vinyl fence posts without using concrete by using a post pounder. Although it will work, it would be almost impossible to drive the pipe straight into the ground. This problem can be remedied by using a levelling device, which will make sure that the post is driven straight into the ground.

New Found Joy

You did it! Although the installation of vinyl fence posts without using concrete wasn’t the easiest thing you have done in your life, you have managed to avoid spending money on the cement mix. You might have also discovered the existence of muscles in previously uncharted territories of your body. Congratulations! Now, thanks to the mighty fence that you’ve installed by yourself, you can rest undisturbed by any unwelcome sights and happenings taking place outside your property.