Brunch is certainly one of the favorite ways of many people when it comes to casual catch ups with their closest friends. However, when it comes to what to wear, the topic can, as always, be a bit trickier than one may like. The good news is that nailing the brunch look is certainly not as difficult as it may sound, as long as you have a little guidance.

The best thing about dressing for brunch is that there are no strict rules, so you have quite a bit of freedom here when you’re going shopping on Chesca. The best combination is going for something that’s both casual and chic.

If you’re going for a brunch during the summertime, pick minimalistic pieces like loose dresses or skirts that are made with light materials, such as cotton. You can also work with powerful colors and some lovely prints. However, keep in mind that if you’re going to wear prints, it’s best to keep the accessories to a minimum, to avoid overloading the outfit.

If you want to go with something more casual, then a pair of jeans, sneakers, and an oversized T-shirt or sweater is the best way to go.

If wearing a dress is what you want, then a great way of achieving a great look is going for feminine florals or ruffle dresses. You can go with both heels or flats. Now, if the brunch is taking place during the cooler months, add a sweater and long boots to the mix, to help you keep warm.