Tent hire Canberra is one of the many tent hiring companies which you can approach when you require a tent for your event. There are several tent rental companies with various party tent styles to choose from. Whether it is a sports event, a wedding, or corporate function, different varieties are available at the tent hire Canberra and other hire companies.

Before you make an advance payment to any tent hire company, there are some questions which you need to get answers from the lenders which include:

How Long Has The Company Been In The Tent Lending Business?

You need to strike a deal with a company which has been in the market for quite a long time. Such companies have built a reputation for themselves and they are doing the right thing that is why they have been there that long. Go for older companies because, apart from the experience, they have expertise over their jobs too.

Are The Tents Clean?

Before you start signing a contract with a tent hire company, ensure that the tent which they are handing to you is clean and tidy. If it is not, it is within your right to tell them to clean it.

How Well Is The Tent Engineered?

When you are getting a small tent, then this will not be a problem at all. But if you are going for the big tents, you have to ensure that they are well engineered due to the fact that, there is a danger that they will catch fire or have some sort of scrutiny with the building where you are going to use them. You will have to refer to the codes of handling of the tent before you hire it.

At The Time Of Installation, Will They Protect The Yard From Damage?

When the tents are being installed, the lenders should reassure you that, they will take great care to ensure that, they don’t damage your yard. You will have to take precautions and discuss your requirements and terms with them before they bring the tents on site for installation.

Payment Terms

Get to know their payment terms. Many of the tent hire companies do require that you give an advance payment of three-quarter of the entire payment. This is due to the fact that they are making sure that, you will be responsible for any damage that is incurred while you are having the tents with you. If you are not quite sure about the work which you are going to get from the company, then ensure that you hand over the least proportion of the total payment as an advance. Then after the event, you can be able to clear with them the balance.

Will They Come With Sidewalls Or Not?

Ensure that, the tents will come with sidewalls which are normally 7 inches to 9 inches drapes made from vinyl that will surround your tent and be able to protect the content from possible vandalism, theft, and other weather conditions.