Do you utilize an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program? If not, then you should. An ERP takes the data from all of your existing applications and combines it into one workflow. In turn, a project can be tracked from the initial sales call to payment, development, and completion.

Of course, this is if you choose the right ERP for your company. With so many choices out there, selecting the wrong software isn’t uncommon. Implementing this can cause results that are poorer than what was previously used.

Selecting the Right ERP

The selection of a proper ERP for your organization is not a one-person operation. It takes a team to decide on the most needed components, the budget, and how it can be implemented. While determining your company’s needs is up to you, an Oracle ERP cloud consulting firm is needed for the other part.

This type of organization directly works with you and your management teams to determine the ERP that maximizes both profit and productivity. Like the right ERP, you need to select the correct cloud consulting firm to make this happen. To do so, consider these tips.

Expertise Levels

When you look at these companies, you need to ask about the knowledge level of their consultants. Overall, it should be comprised of subject matter experts (SMEs) on cloud-based ERPs. In other words, they should be able to provide most of the answers you desire without research or asking another consultant.

It doesn’t mean they are all-knowing. You may have questions that they never encountered. What makes them SMEs is how they respond. “I don’t know” won’t suffice. However, “I don’t know, but let me get the answer right now” signifies how seriously they take their job.

User-level Presentations

Understanding the technical aspects of a cloud-based ERP is critical. Converting it to user-based explanations is another. The mark of a qualified cloud consulting team is the ability to make presentations as user-friendly as possible.

If they don’t understand the audience they’re talking to, then a potential sale is lost. On the other hand, if they can address the needs of your team through examples, then there’s a good chance they can help once the product is activated.

Flexible on Options

Some ERP cloud consulting firms work with one or two software companies. While their presentation on these packages might be concise, they may not be what you need for your organization. At that point, you can determine how flexible they are.

Some may try to fit your square peg into a round hole as best as they can. Unfortunately, doing so won’t win them anymore points. If what they recommend doesn’t work, they need to turn to another ERP program that comes closer to matching your requirements. Again, this can show how determined they are for your business.

Prepared to Scale

By scaling we mean the ability to have the ERP grow with your business. Since you won’t remain stagnant, the program you utilize needs to be able to stretch.

For instance, you may need third-party accounting and payroll groups to access records through secure gateways. Or, you may eventually incorporate shipping into your environment. No matter what the situation, the ERP can’t stop growing.

The Oracle ERP cloud consultant is a critical component in your organization. Therefore, follow the above steps to ensure you select the right one. Examine reviews ahead of time to see what other businesses say. In addition, ask for a free consultation and certified quote on cost.

Once you’ve decided on the right firm, your business will begin to see the immediate effects of an ERP.