Power surges, poor and worrisome cooling issues usually catch us unaware, making the cost of fixing our air conditioning units a nightmare.

Many owners panic when they contact the local repairman to fix their units due to unforeseen costs. Would the repairman end up charging them their arms and legs?

To arm yourself with the knowledge of what to expect (in terms of financial consequence) should your unit betray you at a critical time, let us find out what the average cost of fixing that unit below.

  •  Service Charge & Air Conditioner Repair Costs

Almost all air conditioning repair specialists will charge you a standard fee to leave the comforts of their air conditioner offices and drive down to your place to check out what is wrong with your unit. This fee ranges around $50 – $200, factoring in the distance to your residence as well as the experience of the HVAC specialist.

However, if it is an emergency in the holiday season, then be prepared to fork out a higher fee. Compared to a colder state, an air conditioning repair phoenix az will cost higher because of the hot weather experienced most of the year.

  • Repair Costs for Common Issues

Your air conditioner uses components that are installed indoors and outside the home. These components are susceptible to wear and tear. When this happens, they will definitely need a replacement.

These are some of the average costs for replacing air conditioning components:

  • Capacitor repair/replacement – $100 to $410.
  • Drain pumps – $170 to $410
  • Drain Pans – $260 to $585
  • Freon – $200 to $700
  • Breakers and Fuses – $20 to $310
  • Condenser coil – $1650 to $2350

For a comprehensive price list, see here.

Remember that the cost of these components will vary based on geographical location. An air conditioning repair in Phoenix, Arizona in this regard will most likely cost more due to the high demand in such products as a result of the hot weather.

  •  Yearly maintenance

An HVAC specialist will give you an annual maintenance service that will set you back roughly $100. Regular maintenance will protect you from needing significant repairs that can cost you significantly.

If you want to sell your property, a home inspector can give you the certification you need that signifies your air conditioning unit is working well and has been properly maintained.

Sometimes, the cost of repairs can be too pricey to get any value. A rule of thumb is to completely replace the air conditioning unit with a new one where the cost of repair and replacement parts is 25% higher than the price of purchase.

Finding the right HVAC specialist to service your air conditioner is no mean feat. If you live in the Phoenix area, the Pitzer’s family is your guaranteed repair destination for faults in your air conditioning system. With the infamous sweltering heat of Phoenix, you need such reliable AC service to make sure comfort never steps out of your home!