Buying a new cot for your baby can be a very exciting experience. It does, though, require that you know a good amount about cots in order to make the best possible choice. Make sure that you look for the best choice when buying a new cot. One cot maker that is proven and tested is Mokee, among others.

Even though buying a cot can be a very exciting time as new parents, you will soon find out that the market is very large and there are an awful lot of options available. In this article, we are going to focus on what you should know about buying a mini baby cot bed before you do so, as well as the difference between cot beds and regular cots.

It’s important to remember that your new baby will spend a huge amount of their early life in their cot. For this very reason, you should ensure that the cot you purchase is up to the task and that it is durable, comfortable, and well made.

A mini baby cot bed, also known as a mini crib, is obviously considerably smaller than a traditional cot. This can be both a bad thing and a good thing. For example, if you’re short on space and need something for your baby that will slot into a small area, a mini cot bed could be a very good option.

On the other hand, you should consider the fact that your baby could quickly grow out of a mini cot bed, and you could end up needing to purchase a regular size cot relatively quickly.

What should you look for before buying your first mini cot bed?

Well-spaced railings – be absolutely sure that the railings on your cot are properly spaced. This is very important in ensuring the safety of your new baby. If the railings are any further apart than just over 2 inches, you should avoid purchasing.

An adjustable mattress – looking for a cot that has an adjustable mattress very advisable. An adjustable mattress means that as your baby gets bigger you will be able to adjust the height of the mattress to ensure that they are still safely within the railings of the cot. It also means that when your baby is small, you can have the mattress at a height from which you can easily reach the baby.

No sharp corners or edges – even though you may think that this is very obvious to think of, it is often overlooked. You should ensure that your mini cot bed does not have any sharp points that your child could hurt themselves on – check corners, railings, as well as the undersides of railings for poorly finished fixings.

A properly sized mattress – a mattress that fills the entire cot and no less should be purchased. If you’re looking at purchasing a cot that comes with a mattress, make sure that the mattress does not have any gaps to either edge of it that the baby could hurt themselves from or get stuck in. Ensure that there are no small open holes or places around the cot that small fingers or toes could become trapped in.