The living room and dining room are two of the rooms in our house that we tend to frequent, not only by the inhabitants of the house but also by all our friends or family.

Therefore, we want to have a pleasant and comfortable stay to be comfortable and spend time on it.

However, sometimes it is complicated because we do not know how to distribute the living room or dining room when it has a certain size.

In today’s post, we tell you what to keep in mind to get the right measures when decorating our living room and dining room and thus have an ideal space.

Guidelines to keep in mind before you start

To be able to decorate any room and more a living room or dining room we must take into account the measures that we have.

Therefore, it is essential that we measure each of the corners and walls to know what space we have and what kind of furniture we can incorporate to fit in that space and maintain a minimum harmony and space.

Another element to which we must pay attention is the type of family we have, how many people make up the house, what the room is intended for or whether many visits are received or not. This will help us to know what type of furniture we should incorporate.

Living room measurements

The living room is a place where we get comfortable to watch TV, to lie on the sofa and rest, watch TV, read a book or just chat.

To be able to decorate it with the measures that correspond to it, we must take into account several aspects:

  • If our room is square and we want to do everything we have said, we must be able to draw a circle of at least 2.5 meters in diameter. Once this is considered, to begin decorating we must do it from a focal point, a place of reference to furnishing around it.
  • To know if we should put a single sofa or more, we must think that if we only want to talk it is recommended to put several sofas or armchairs placed one in front of the other and for this, it will be necessary to have a width of 4 meters and 150 cm between them. On the other hand, if the room is long, the ideal would be to place a chaise longue. However, lounges with a chaise longue must be at least 3 meters wide.
  • There always have to be passage areas that at least have to be 80 cm and if we have closets or drawers about 100cm. If we place a coffee table, between this and the chair there should be about 40cm of distance to be comfortable.
  • As for television, for every 10 inches of television, you should leave 50 cm of separation with the sofa so as not to strain the view and avoid visual problems.
    Finally, if we do not have a different room to the living room for the dining room and both live in it, it is advisable to place the distribution online or in the form of “L”.

Dining room measurements

The dining room is the place where celebrations, lunches, and dinners are held, but it is also a good place to meet and chat and dining room furniture in Toronto is an essential part of it.

In the case of having the luck to be able to have an exclusive space for the dining room, we must take into account the following:

  • The room that we have to choose has to be near the kitchen to facilitate the passage of the dishes.
  • As for the table, depending on the space we have so will be its size and shape. If we have little space is better a rectangular table supported on the wall and extensible. The most common is that the table is usually 90 cm wide. From the table to the wall there should be 90 cm or if it can be 120.
  • The space of each diner should be 65 cm wide.