Truth be told: men happen to enjoy whichever position that involves, well—sex. But for us
women, we’re a tad different, and what men may love to do may not necessarily drive their
woman to the cloud nine. You see; not that we hate sex. Nah nah nah! We love it, even more
than you dudes.

The only problem is that women are complicated creatures and their pleasure points vary from woman to woman. Worst part—women rarely ask for their favorite positions and end up accepting men’s favorite love positions.

Now, here comes the question; what is the best position for making love? Hold on bro this isn’t rocket science. I’m going to teach you the deepest of secrets we girls don’t like discussing in the open. It’s about time we learned what women really want in bed and how you can become a stallion in the sack.

Now get set. I’m about to let the cat out of the bag. Ready? Go…!

Comfort Does Matter

Great love only happens where there’s a proper balance between comfort and pleasure. First things always come first, and the first thing in this scenario is the sleep positions for couples. Both you and your woman should focus on a suitable sleep solution and prioritize on each other’s preference when it comes to finding the right mattress and couples bed set.

It’s wise to choose a perfect mattress that’s wide enough for both of you to spread out freely without restrictions. Spreading out or “spread eagle” is suitable for sex as it improves motion transfer when you embark on those early morning jogs. Moving naturally in bed during sex enhances comfort and pleasure.

You might also want to consider getting an adjustable bed frame so you can find an excellent position that cradles your body. This adjustable bed frame allows you to adjust your mattress to the desired position, ensuring customized comfort and ultimate leisure. This bed frame offers utmost versatility and flexibility every time you are making love.

Get Your Girl to Ride You on Top

Yes, you heard it loud and clear. You need to get the girl on top in a position called The Cowgirl. Girls know exactly where their orgasm is, which means she’s going to have the most control over her orgasm when she rides you on top.

When she gets on top, she has what it takes to control the motion as fast or slow as she deems fit. It’s also up to her to adjust the depth of the motion.

Having the girl on top also gives you easy access to her clit, so you can tickle it gently with your fingers to help her reach orgasm. What’s more, The Cowgirl position is a great workout for her quads and calfs and helps burn calories.

The Knocker Rocker

This love making position involves lying on sides facing each other. Your girl will wrap her arm and upper leg around you and then rock you back and forth in a continuous motion. For a man, the stimulation is not too intense, and the girl has control over the rhythm.

You have easy access to her boobs and you can play with them gently and assist her with your favorite vibrator. This sex position is super intimate and feels fantastic.


This is the most excellent position for a weekend when you both have nowhere to go and can lazy around for quite some time. Spooning is one style that stimulates the front of the vagina, where almost all nerves are situated. This position gives your woman the ultimate pleasure and she’ll never forget you again!