Planning your next trip depends on the spots that you want to visit and the money that you have budgeted. Of course, knowing the weather forecast on the days that you’re there is just as important as the previous factors.

So, if you’re heading to a city that rains most of the time, wouldn’t it be great to buy a waterproof backpack to make sure your belongings are safe from getting drenched?

Waterproof means Submersion

When you see a backpack that has a “waterproof” label on it, that means that you can submerge that bag into water entirely without liquid penetrate the insides of the pack, keeping the contents dry. When you find the best waterproof backpack, it should withstand even the harshest weather conditions like rainstorms.

Whether you’re walking through a waterfall or you are white water rafting in the roughest of rivers, a waterproof backpack will ensure that all your stuff stashed inside the bag will stay dry. However, you need to know that not all waterproof materials can make a bag waterproof.

A zipper and a particular type of fabric can be waterproof. And even if these waterproof materials make a backpack, there are times that the pack is still not waterproof but only water-resistant. Some travel situations need the best waterproof backpack, so make sure to find one that is of high-quality.

The Downside of Waterproof Backpacks

Creating a bag that protects your belongings from moisture when submerged into the water can be quite of a task. Designers of these types of bags have limited options and need to compromise something to make the bag really waterproof. All the materials should undergo a submersion test, and all of them should pass.

Also, they should be put together without holes. When designers stitch the fabric together, they are creating gaps where water can seep through. Most makers of waterproof bags do it by welding thermoplastics; they utilize ultrasonic sound waves to melt the pieces of fabric that will make up the bag.

However, welding a bag is an expensive method. Aside from that, it also needs some particular fabrics as they are only the ones that will work. Not all types of fabric may be subjected to welding. As a matter of fact, you cannot weld a lot of waterproof fabrics, which is why it is hard to create a waterproof bag. On top of that, you cannot style a waterproof backpack the way you design the ones that are sewn. That is the reason why most waterproof bags that you see have the same set of designs, a compartment-like bucket with a flat pocket in them. So if you are a person who is so concerned with fashion and functionality, waterproof bags are not for you.


Waterproof bags are perfect in extreme activities such as white water rafting, crossing through a waterfall, and even any activity where water is present. They always keep your belongings dry, although some bags may limit your motions. Therefore, you have to choose a pack that suits you carefully.