The dental hygienist is one of the professionals of dentistry that is part of the clinical team of a dental clinic. On many occasions, its important work is unknown, so we explain what it is.

Dental specialization as a dental hygienist

The hygienist must study in certified training centers that certify that their training is correct. The corresponding degree of FP is called the Dental Hygiene Technician. On some occasions, they are asked to have training in the use of machinery with X-rays to make their work much more effective.

Due to the professional intrusion, it was in 1986 when the situation of these professionals became legalized that they have become, as you will see below, in the right hand of the dentists. At present, they have professional associations that defend their rights and regulate their activity. Hygienists at Chrysalis Toronto is one of the best.

Functions of the dental hygienist

The functions of a dental hygienist are:

  • Assistance to the dentist. It is in charge of making the relevant radiological tests, of drafting the patient’s clinical history and of supporting the specialist during the interventions.
  • Carry out different tasks that do not alter the patient’s teeth. Mouth cleaning, fissure seals, fluoridation treatments, placement and removal of sealant and rubber dam, polish the seals, eliminate stones and the like. It is very important to emphasize that the specialist always checks how the work has been carried out.
  • Sterilize all the material to be used by the dentist. This activity is essential to maintain the ideal health conditions when carrying out any type of intervention. They must comply with the cleaning procedure stipulated in the regulations issued by the corresponding ministry.
  • Check the dental plaque of each patient. It is, without a doubt, the most relevant function, since by implementing it, the best results can be obtained when fighting against periodontics and gingivitis.
  • Educate patients to improve their habits in relation to oral health. They are also responsible for giving the most useful advice to accelerate the recovery process after the work done by the specialist.
  • Carry out all preventive dentistry work. Everything related to the different ways to prevent dental health problems is its main competence. To undertake the follow-up of each patient and to advise him/her in an effective way are complementary activities to all the aforesaid.

After having checked the work of the dental hygienist, it could be concluded that it is in charge of controlling the oral health of the patients. Checking that everything goes well, carrying out diagnostic tests and their help when it comes to educating to avoid getting various ailments seem to us a commendable job that should be better valued and, unfortunately, is as unknown as it is obvious.

As you can see, the dental hygienist is the pillar on which the dentist relies so that his work is reinforced and improved easily. Your professionalism will depend on the next time you go to the dentist to get back home with the total certainty that your mouth is in perfect condition.