Social media stars started with a humble, cult audience that quickly grew to surpass mainstream media consumers. Almost no one did or could predict the impact influencers have today. With the most direct form of audience interactions, influencers boast loyal followings across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat and other platforms.

For a brand, hosting an influencer event could be highly profitable. Whether you’re hoping to introduce your up-and-coming brand or boost sales, influencers can make a significant difference.

However, hosting an influencer event isn’t as simple as you might think. You won’t get away with just gathering a few people in a room and distributing PR packages. You’re not doing an act of kindness by inviting them to your event. Just like any other PR venture, this is a mutually beneficial meeting.

Bloggers and social media stars are being wooed by everyone from luxury fashion houses to major tech corporations. We’ve summarised a few ways in which you can turn this power play in your favour.

Make it content-worthy

The theme of your event mainly depends on the kind of influencers you’re hoping to collaborate with. For instance, a beauty masterclass with a celebrity makeup artist is suitable for beauty gurus while a yoga retreat is better for fitness bloggers.
Whatever the event is, make sure it is unique enough to inspire influencers to post about it. A quintessential business conference might work for your investors but would fail miserably in this case. Brainstorm with your team to come up with something that becomes the talk of the social media town.

Install good lighting

Good lighting is indispensable to create the best social media content. Many influencers are quite particular about what makes it on their profile. If you’re hoping that they post about your event, make sure it is perfect for great photos and videos.

Hire adequate security

Social media stars are celebrities in their own rights with armies of dedicated fans. If you’re planning to include a meet and greet in your event, then take the right measures in terms of security. Hire experienced door staff and security guards from OGS Group to keep everything under control.

Invite the right group

Just like your brand, social media stars cater to different audiences. For a successful event, you need to invite influencers who are relevant to your brand. For instance, if your brand creates products for newborns, it would be wasteful to invite a teenage gamer.

Encourage content creation

An influencer event should provide the maximum opportunities to create content. From fun photo booths and props to impressive displays, think of creative ideas that attendees can’t resist sharing.

Don’t forget WiFi

The charm of social media relies on its ability to swiftly distribute information. And that won’t be possible with a sluggish WiFi. To create maximum impressions, your attendees should be able to upload their content without a hitch.
No one has the time or patience to deal with a slow WiFi. And it’s unlikely that people will post about your event after going home. Make sure your event is equipped with the best internet service you can afford and a backup in case that gives out.

A tangible gift

Your event should definitely promise an unforgettable time. But giving something tangible at the end is necessary for longer impact. You can take it up a notch, by customising the gift or product. No one is sheltered from the allure of a personalised present.

Think of a memorable event hashtag

A powerful hashtag is vital for creating online buzz. Use this tool to build traction for your brand. Influencers are likely to use a catchy, clever hashtag in their posts.

Hosting your very first influencer event can be quite nerve-wracking. But you can easily pull it off with proper organisation, timely planning and the above-mentioned tips. Good luck!