There is no one universal makeup brush. If you are using one brush for your powder, foundation, blush and other daily products, you’re going to want to reassess how you apply your makeup.

Generally speaking, there are different brushes that are ideal for applying different products; there are brushes for blush, foundation, eyeshadow and more. Considering the wide range of makeup on the market, finding the right tool to apply your products can be intimidating — but it doesn’t have to be.

If you are not sure where to get specific brushes for your makeup, be sure to check out your favourite brands to see what kind of brush kits they have to suit your needs. For example, there is not only really good makeup from IT Cosmetics — they have a wide selection of brushes too!

These are the right brushes to apply your daily makeup products:

For Foundation Contouring: On an Angle

If you are going to contour your face using foundation, you need an angular brush that will let you apply precise coverage to the contours of your face. The sharp edge and blunt bristles make it easier to contour and provide that chiselled look. It will also help precision and make it easier to conceal fine lines, pores and other imperfections.

For Full Coverage: Full Head of Bristles

A full head of fluffy, fine bristles is ideal for applying a full face of foundation and other concealing products. This is because the full head makes it easy to blend in a variety of colours and also provides better coverage.

For Powder: Dome

A big fluffy brush with a domed shape makes it easier to apply that slight dusting of powder to finish off your look. Fluffy bristles will also encourage you to use a light hand, which will prevent you from applying too much powder.

For Blush: Short with Thick Bristles

You need a brush with soft, thick bristles to smoothly apply your blush. Soft bristles will sweep across the face gently, making for even application — it’s also easier on your skin.

The short handle is also ideal for a more controlled application. This is important because blush is typically applied on the apples of the cheek, unlike foundation or powder which are both applied more generously across the face.

For Brows: Firm and Bristled

Eyebrows can look unkept and wild if not brushed and kept under control. A firm bristled brush with a narrow edge is perfect for this purpose — to comb your brows in the right direction and keep them from looking wild and out of control. Eyebrows are now more important than ever before, so the time to find the right eyebrow brush is now.

For Eyeshadow: Long brush with Small, Dense Bristles

A longer brush will help you reach our eyelids, and small, dense bristles will make sure you get the intense shade you are looking for. This is also ideal for blending different shades and getting into the inside creases of your eyes. A small hack from StyleCaster is to use these dense bristles to apply highlighter to your face if you are aiming for a more dramatic look!

If you’ve been using the wrong brush for your favourite product all along, don’t fret! It’s time to take your makeup routine to the next level — and getting the right brush is the first, most important step!