“All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy” – every time you hear this saying, does it ring a bell?

Well, it surely must, for we all need to go take a break and travel somewhere.

An impromptu vacation is exciting, and for all those sudden plans that bring forth maximum enjoyment, all you need is a cool plan and some smart travel ideas.

Need tips?

Well, here is how you can travel smartly.

1. Carry a light bag

Yes, this is the first and foremost tip that every smart traveler swears by!

There is no point in carrying around ten baggage when you can think cleverly and pack a single backpack with all the necessary stuff. Firstly, list down all the essential items that you would need to see yourself through the vacation. For clothing, choose fabrics that do not crease easily and can be worn at least twice without smelling. And so that you can pack in all your clothes comfortably, roll them up and the put them inside the bag.

Try to carry the bare minimum toiletries which are absolutely essential, for you might need them suddenly. Moreover, do not forget to carry a few strips of medicines to cure common and basic ailments like allergies, cough, fever, and aches. You can consult your physician for this matter.

2. Keep some emergency money tucked away

While credit and debit cards always save our day in the cities, it is always good to be prepared for no-network zones. So make sure to keep some handsome amount of money separately and safely hidden somewhere between your clothes inside the bag. You never know when it might come in handy!

3. Keep your ID cards and tickets accessible

It is extremely important that you keep your tickets and ID cards where you can easily access them. It will not be convenient to reach for them inside your big backpack every time. So you can wear a waist-pouch and save your ID cards, passport and your tickets on it. Essential documents like these must be reachable first, to prevent you the anxiety pangs!

4. Do your Homework well

Before you start on your trip, make it a point that you carry out enough research to know more about your destination. Simply rushing out in excitement without finding out the key details about a place, is strictly NOT recommended.

There are plenty of guidebooks and notebooks and road maps that you can buy offline from stores. These are going to prove immensely useful, not to mention, a great way to kill time when you are waiting to board the bus or take the flight. And you can, of course, rely on the Internet to learn about the places that you will be visiting – so you can make some fantastic use of time and enrich your knowledge in the way.

5. Download a flight tracker

Now, this is something that not many people are going to tell you, but it is smart AND useful like anything!

With a flight tracker application downloaded on your smartphone, you can find out about just ANY commercial flight in this world. With the best flight tracking system, you can not only find out details about the aircraft in transit but also their exact location and expected arrival and delays at airports.

This is safely one of the smartest applications that smart travelers need, because, it helps you make informed decisions with real-time updated information which cannot be found from anywhere else.

6. Eat light and be cautious

It is always a good idea to go by what seems familiar to you when it comes to food. This is especially true if you are visiting a foreign destination that you know is entirely different than in your country. Besides, eating a lot of food while traveling often tends to make us feel heavy upsetting the stomach, so that must totally be avoided at any cost. While on your tour, if you are tempted to try out local dishes, do it but very cautiously.

So, now that you are armed with some cool ideas for traveling smartly, simply get going and enjoy a fabulous vacation!