It is the responsibility of communication service providers to handle and store data. They have to manage call detail records, internet traffic, technical fault data, usage patterns, location data and transaction data of thousands of customers. To get insights into the barrage of data they must have at the time of distribution.

Communication service providers are starting to adopt big data and its analytics services to convert their data into meaningful business insights. Big data analytics allows telecommunication providers to unlock all-new insights in real-time at the exact time. Big data allows them to enable proactively to provide services to their customers at the exact time when they want it.

In simple words, customers will able to get exactly what they want at the same point of time. I addition to enhancing customer experience, real-time created offers also improve abilities of communication providers to up-sell and cross-sell their offers and revenues. To know “why big data is important for organizations” keep reading till the end.

1 Increase revenues

Big data and analytics services bring value to decision making and provide more meaningful insights. It helps to build competitive benefits and cost-efficient structure. Information-driven by analytics the service providers can understand the behavior patterns of the customers and according to that, they can develop new business models which they have not tried previously. Big data provides optimization capabilities to service providers. These capabilities will help them to increase revenues by more targeted market campaigns. The technology also helps them to achieve maximum return on investment (ROI) and helps the organizations to move towards digital transformations. It can also help them to figure out various methods to make more profit for the organization.

2 Improve service qualities

Big data and analytics help communication service providers to enhance the quality of the services. To make it possible customer insights plays an important role. With the help of big data service providers can analyze network traffic by optimizing call routines and quality of service. They can detect the roots of the problems and solve them with the help of real-time call drop analysis. Service providers can also adjust maintenance schedules with the help of Big data analytics. If the service providers find out the loopholes which are creating disturbance without reporting by the customer, then they may impress their customers for sure. This enhances their customer services.

3 Enhanced Securities

Telecom companies use the technology to figure out and investigate fraudulent activities over the network. Also, they can detect anomalies with machine learning algorithms. The algorithms are also helpful for them to identify the volume of data like customer demographics, sentimental data, customer usage patterns, geographical usage trends, data of calling a circle, and behavior of data. Claim processing teams can help the users to identify the fraud rental claims, unauthorized devices, and tackle payment processing methods. Moreover, big data enhanced the security of the system to minimize the risk of cyber-attacks through the cloud and mobile devices. In case any user feels something is wrong, they can directly contact with the service providers to make their doubt fix. This action will be helpful to create a healthy client and service provider relationship.

4 Answer your three questions “who”, “where”, and “When”

These are a very important question in every field. And their meanings are also different in different contexts. Here the question is “Who is using the network?” “Where the network is being used?” “What is the purpose of the usage of the network?”

To answer our first question “who”, the communication service providers combines internal and external demographic data to create a full image of the user’s name, age, income, etc. To figure out “where”, the demographic data is responsible again. The service providers locate the user from the network usage by state. To answer our last question “what”, they accelerate the insights to figure out the purpose and type of information exchange. These frequencies are very important to avoid malicious activities over the network.

5 Real-time data capturing

Big data analytics allows the communication service providers to collect real-time demographic and internal data of the network. This data can also be used in terms of business and can also be used for further marketing. According to Google searches people looks for “how to use data in anticipating sales?” Branded telecom searches showed that they know the future of this industry and this is the only reason why they are trying to make the network secure, effective and impressive. With the increase in usage of the internet calling, communication service providers have to think deep to attract people back to the old but improved track. Real-time data capturing can make it possible, with the record keeping and analysis they can easily figure out frauds and loopholes. This makes them eligible to make the customer experience much better.


Big data analytics is a very powerful solution which can fundamentally change the way of communication service providers to manage their daily workload. The above-stated advantages gained from technology and analytics will save their time as well. It will become easy for them to get the exact and real-time insights of the user. More than insights, big data accelerated the insights into time. Service providers can narrow down their fields or markets in a little time with the help of big data analytics.

We can also consider this as the competitive advantage, providers who are not using this technology will fail to provide something new to their customers and may eventually they will fail in the markets.

So, it is advised by the experts, that you should pay importance to the data only then data will make you feel important.

Today so many operators are pursuing big data to make sure the network is giving its best to the customers. The big data and analytics strategies and information collection methods will definitely make a difference in the world of the telecom industry. If you have queries regarding this article feel free to ask in the comments section.

Author Bio: Abhimanyu is a sportsman, an avid reader with a massive interest in sports. He is passionate about digital marketing and loves discussions about Big Data.