Ceramic car coating is based on nanotechnology and includes tiny molecules that are invisible. When the coating is applied to your car’s surface, it gets infused onto the paint and fills up the tiny microscopic pores. The result is a smooth and even protective layer that provides excellent water resistance. There are many benefits of getting such coating. Explore the benefits of such coating and the various other types of coatings available for your vehicle.

Benefits of Ceramic Car Coating

The key benefits of investing in ceramic layering are as follows:

  • Paint Protection: The ceramic car coating creates a strong and protective surface for your car’s paint. It works by blocking all types of foreign matter and prevents any damage to the paint. As a normal part of the day, the surface has to endure a wide range of attacks including dirt, dust, mud, and even scratches. The coating ensures that the original paint surface remains protected from these external treatments.
  • Longer Lasting: There are many other types of protective coatings for your car, but none can last as long as this coating. As already mentioned, this coating gets fused to the surface and doesn’t get removed by external factors and vibrations. Other coatings like wax can come off on exposure to weather, dirt, dust, and acidic components.
  • Cleaner-Looking Cars: Without nano protection for the paint, the pitted surface becomes an easy target for dirt and dust accumulation. With the ceramic layer, there are no pockets on the surface for the dirt and dust to settle in. The contaminants in the air don’t stick to the surface and falls off, making your car look cleaner.

Cost Effective Protection

The initial cost of applying ceramic coating can be higher compared to other alternatives. However, it can outlast any other alternative and more than recovers the cost of maintaining your car’s paint surface. All other types of surfaces, including wax, needs to be reapplied every now and then. The repetitive cost of application and surface maintenance can cost several times the cost of a ceramic coat in the long term.

Superhydrophobic Coating

Ceramic is also a superhydrophobic coating that repels water from your car’s surface. The material has ultrahydrophobicity and water droplets, from rain, snow, or splashes from the road, hitting the surface will fully rebound. Since water doesn’t stick to the surface, it doesn’t dry and cause stains.

Nano-Liquid Glass Protection

The nano-liquid glass coating is also available for your car’s windshield and other windows. These are polymer based coats that create a hydrophobic surface on the glass. It is based on the unique nano-chemistry technology that was first developed for space programs. It works by penetrating into the micro pores in glass. There is also a chemical bonding with the surface to create a smooth and strong coating.

A couple of the key benefits of nano-liquid glass coat are as follows:

  • It has hydrophobic properties that helps improve visibility for the driver and passengers. This further reduces night glare when driving in the rain.
  • The nano protection for car can last much longer than any car wax. This is because it works by chemically bonding to the surface. You will not have to worry about it coming off when it comes in contact with sand, detergents, wiper movement, or other debris.

It can last hundreds of car washes and provide protection for years. Thus, there are many reasons for investing in these advanced coating solutions for your car.