Stem cells have long been believed to be the answer to a wide variety of different conditions. A lot of tests and experiments have shown that there are a lot of diseases they help to fight, but a range of ethical worries has often stood in the way of them becoming a mainstream medical treatment. There are a lot of other alternatives out there that a lot of people would rather use. However, the simple fact is that there are a lot of conditions that are best treated with stem cells or at least treated very effectively with them. What are these conditions though? And just what are stem cells? Don’t worry, we’re here to explain all of this.

In short, stem cells are unspecialised cells that can divide and change into different kinds of cells depending on their needs. In mammals, there are two main types of stem cells; embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. Both of these have different descriptions and can be put to different uses. Adult stem cells can be found in bodily areas such as bone marrow and blood, while embryonic stem cells are usually extracted from a blastocyst. Due to the unspecialised nature of stem cells, they can differentiate into different types of cells and that’s why they can be used to treat a wide range of conditions. However, the most effective of all stem cells are the embryonic ones- and these are the ones that cause ethical debates. A lot of people believe using them is a poor choice due to them being taken from a being which will turn into a human baby, and that’s why their use has been limited for the most part.

There are, however, conditions that stem cells can be useful for. One of these, albeit surprisingly, is treating wrinkles in the face. There are stem cells underneath our skin which are used to continually replace and rejuvenate damaged or old skin, but over time their functionality reduces greatly. That’s why we start to get wrinkles with age. However, studies have shown that there are certain stem cell serums can replace these old cells and actually start to benefit our old skin cells again, giving our faces a new and more youthful look. If you want to check out stem cell serum benefits, click here.

Stem cells can also be used to treat burn victims. Being burned by anything is an excruciating process, nevermind the worst kinds of burns out there. In most cases, skin donors are used to treating the worst kinds of burns, but it’s been shown that stem cells can be even more effective and can actually reduce pain and symptoms too.

Parkinson’s Disease is another condition which can sometimes be helped with the use of stem cells. This condition occurs after the breakdown and loss in functionality of certain brain cells, and stem cells can be used to replace these and create a better functioning brain. Research is short as yet, but we hope in the future stem cells can provide a solid cure for conditions such as this.