Elevator shoes, also known as lift shoes, are worn to augment the height of the wearer by a few inches. As the name implies, elevator shoes provide an elevation to the wearer’s height while creating a personality that is matched by grace and elegance. Elevator shoes are designed with thick sections and insoles which are well concealed under the heels of the shoe.

Unlike ordinary shoes that are just meant to protect the foot, elevator shoes provide protection for the foot, elegance for the wearer, and added height. It is like a three in one package that is tailored to provide satisfaction and confidence for you. With guidomaggi, you are sure to get the best Elevator shoes that will give you a touch of class and style, coupled with that added height to compliment your appearance.

The soles of most elevator shoes are made with wood, rubber, or plastic. It is difficult for an observer to differentiate between platform shoes and elevator shoes because the external heels of elevated shoes are of normal heights. Elevator shoes help to boost the confidence level while still providing comfort and safety.

Elevator shoe layers

Elevator shoes come with beautiful aesthetic designs, and they have the following layers:

  • Upper Leather

Elevator shoes are designed with outermost leather that covers the foot while reflecting quality. The upper layer of elevator shoes consists of different components. Every component used in making the upper layer provides comfort, safety, and reflects high quality.

  • Insoles

The interior bottom of elevator shoes is referred to as Insole. It is designed to be placed under the foot or footbed as it is called. It is easy to remove and replace insoles.

  • Height Increasing Layer

Elevator shoes provide users with the choice of integrating multiple heights depending on the requirement or occasion. The height increasing layer of elevated shoes also comes with an air cushion to enhance comfort. It can fit perfectly into different sizes of shoes.

  • Outsoles

Elevator shoes are designed with top quality and sturdy outsoles for durability. Outsoles may wear out as a result of attrition or overuse. It is, therefore, necessary to buy elevator shoes from a trusted brand like GuidoMaggi to ensure lasting performance and maximum comfort.

What are the benefits of wearing elevator shoes?

The benefits of wearing elevator shoes are numerous. However, we shall highlight some of the benefits you can derive from wearing top quality elevated shoes. They include the following:

  • Elevated shoes help to improve your self-confidence

Having the right height gives you an increased level of confidence, which adds value to your life. It adds glamour to personality and makes you walk with ease.

  • Elevator shoes help to improve posture and ease back and knee pain

With elevator shoes, your body posture may be improved. Good posture helps to reduce the symptoms of back and neck pain. It also improves your overall appearance.

  • Elevator shoes are safe

Elevator shoes are known for providing a safe alternative to raise your height without discomfort.

  • They are elegant and classy

Apart from improving your height, elevator shoes are classy and elegant. They add to your fashion sense and improve your overall appearance.