At Mitsubishi Motors Peru, we are pleased to announce and share with you our corporate blog. In this new interactive and technical section, you can keep up to date with the latest news, events, news, promotions, advice and recommendations from the Mitsubishi Motors world. If you are interested in a car, truck, SUV or Pick up Mitsubishi, here you can get to know it in detail. We invite you to discover more about our company and the wide range of models of cars and trucks that we have available to you.

About us?

With a trajectory of more than 100 years, Mitsubishi Motors is part of the Japanese group Mitsubishi, one of the most emblematic corporations in Japan. Mitsubishi Motors is a leading company dedicated to the manufacture, sale and after-sales of a wide variety of cars, SUVs, trucks and pickups 4 × 2 and 4 × 4.

The Mitsubishi Mirage Hatchback is specially designed to offer performance in fuel much higher than the rest of its competitors, making it one of the most saving cars in the segment. Even the smallest detail has been designed to be enjoyed. Wide inside and with the best equipment in technology and security, transforming each ride in fun moments. The Mirage provides agile driving and offers great value for money without neglecting performance or comfort. It does not matter if you go to work, study, shopping around the city or travelling, you will always want to enjoy driving your Mirage. It is the perfect option to be your first car.

ASX means “Active car cover“. Three words that summarize everything that this innovative model contains. The ASX is a crossover SUV, compact but with great features. It is equipped with great agility and high performance in fuel consumption, thanks to its MIVEC 2.0 engine, which allows you to deliver great power and strength when you need it.

Its sporty and elegant design developed under the Dynamic Shield concept, as well as its comfort, size of trunk and quality finishes, making it the perfect SUV for the city. The entertainment system allows you to connect your Smartphone to the screen so you can enjoy your favorite applications. You can call your contacts, send messages, review maps and play your favorite music using voice commands to benefit from safer and more pleasant driving, thanks to the Apple Car play and Android Auto systems. With the ASX, Mitsubishi has managed to bring an incredible SUV to the market. One of the favorite models of young people and small families.

The Outlander is designed to offer a unique driving experience based on the technology, quality and vast experience of Mitsubishi in the truck segment. The three rows of seats offer ample space and a lot of comfort for the whole family. In addition, the high quality of manufacturing and the sensations that are perceived in the interior contribute to improving the experience.

The Outlander SUV offers the high performance expected of a Mitsubishi truck, including a vigorous acceleration and a high response capacity in all kinds of situations. Wherever you go with your family, you will enjoy the advantages of its advanced technology. Before you start driving, connect your Android ™ or iPhone to the USB port and control the apps available on the 7 “touch screen, thanks to the Apple car Play and Android Auto systems.

No matter where you are, travelling through the city or in a remote place with your family, you will always want to get behind the wheel of your Outlander and enjoy your driving, agile, precise and safe. Everything will look better to the controls of the Mitsubishi Outlander.

Equipped with the most advanced and complete safety systems, with the New Montero Sport you will travel always in first class, whether on or off-road. The new Montero Sport is the best off-road SUV from Mitsubishi. The totally renewed design of this luxury van has been sculpted with great elegance.

From the robust front under the concept Dynamic Shield, through its aerodynamic lines, to the vibrant taillights, every detail has been meticulously designed from start to finish. Whether exploring rough terrain, in the middle of nature or driving through the streets of the city, you will attract the admiration of all those who look at it.

Have the world at your fingertips and enjoy reaching where others can not thanks to its 4X4 drive system that maintains control with confidence on any type of terrain. Equipped with 3 rows of leather seats, intelligent functions and a sophisticated console you will enjoy maximum comfort. All passengers will feel special in the luxurious interior. The New Montero Sport breaks paradigms and introduces the concept of adventure with style to the market.

Robust and refined, strong and elegant. The sleek design of the Montero SUV reflects its nature and category. The technological advances that it incorporates have not only improved its driving characteristics, reduced the level of noise and increased safety, but have increased the benefits and improved comfort, maintaining the intrinsic quality of the SUVs 4 × 4 and SUV off-road of Mitsubishi.

The design of the Montero truck perfectly represents the harmony between luxury and comfort. It offers a versatile and spacious interior with original leather covers, electric adjustment controls and an unparalleled air system. La Montero challenges the most extreme conditions under unique situations.

Capacity and power, technology and resistance, design and vanguard in the same structure created with the ability to conquer any challenge. All this and the legacy of its excellent participation in the most difficult world rallies, have made the Montero model one of the most iconic models of Mitsubishi Motors.

L200 DK-R

We create the perfect pick up for heavy-duty conditions, ideal to carry large volume loads over 1-ton thanks to its high resistance and easy driving. We design your perfect accomplice for work and adventure, now your trips will be more comfortable and safe. The L200 DK-R truck (in 4 × 4 and 4 × 2 configurations) is the off-road pick-up model, with aerodynamic exterior design and the most spacious interior of the pick-up trucks on the market.

The 4X4 L200 DK-R pickup is built to offer maximum traction and stability. Its robust chassis contributes to a stable driving, and thanks to its aerodynamic design achieve high stability on the highway. It’s sophisticated 4 × 4 traction system is combined with an optimized suspension to faithfully convey road conditions and allow control to be maintained.

The GLX version is made to become your best work tool. Whether a large or small business, the new L200 DK-R, has the best features that adapt to meet the standards of different areas. The GLS version of the L200 DK-R is perfect for lovers of a good pick up, its users are increasingly satisfied. You will find this version in 4 × 4 to be able to face the most difficult terrain.

With this SUV, Mitsubishi returns to evolve the pick-up segment creating a new category, with new levels of comfort, capacity, endurance and dynamism. The Mitsubishi L200 DK-R will forever change your idea of ​​how to drive from one place to another, and do it without limits. In addition to all this, corporate customers can enjoy the following benefits: Standard prices at the national level, special discounts on original spare parts for fleets, training for technical personnel, authorization of affiliated workshop for your fleet, supervision of workshop, remote workshop service (In house), consignment spare parts for fleets.

Eclipse Cross

The Eclipse Cross is the new SUV Coupé from Mitsubishi. Sculpted with lines that accentuate the sense of movement along with the sharp angle of the rear window, which is divided by a sophisticated and challenging LED brake light. In addition, it offers a feeling of dynamism and the   Advanced Dynamic Shield, Mitsubishi’s identity, make it an SUV Coupé with striking exterior design. The spectators will fall in love when they meet him. We can not fail to mention the striking Diamond Red color that characterizes it. A color created by Mitsubishi exclusively for this model, which gives off different shades of red depending on the light and angle of which it is seen. With very careful interior design, the enjoyment of driving is transmitted to each passenger in the spacious cabin, full of quality materials and solid craftsmanship. The New Eclipse Cross incorporates the most advanced connectivity systems and the most sophisticated comfort elements. It is equipped with innovative safety systems and all versions have 7 SRS airbags, which is why it has obtained the highest safety rating of Latin NCAP.