You’ve been in a relationship with your partner for two whole years before you finally decided to say I Do. You’ve been hopelessly in love with your partner and there have been lulls in your relationship but, you stood the test of time and decided to commit to each other through matrimony.

You’re about to share the house with this person — the love of your life. Love is a wonderful feeling. You’ll seem to be on cloud nine, oozing out exuberance. Other times, it feels like you’re falling onto the cold hard ground.

You might be busy stressing at wedding preparations — deciding venue or décor or finding the perfect wedding day dress. During all this time it is tough to keep in touch with your partner. Besides the endless flurry taking place, it is important that you recreate the passion with your partner on your Big Day.

What most people don’t realize is that once you have gotten a hold of someone’s love, it can’t last forever if you DON’T make an effort to keep it.

Ignore the Surroundings — Only Focus on Your Partner

Falling in love with someone, who you are convinced is your other half, is an amazing feeling. What if when walking down the aisle, the adrenaline rush that sends butterflies to your stomach gradually turns into bland coffee? The décor might not be to your liking or the flower girls have messed something which takes away your attention.

Don’t start panicking if the wedding décor hasn’t been done your way — you aren’t the only one there. Your partner should be your priority. Look into his eyes when walking down the aisle.
Forget everything else. He’s going to become your better-half in just a matter of time. That feeling should be enough to focus all your attention to him.

Go Through Old Memories to Rekindle Love

What better way to rekindle your romantic sparks then by going down the memory lane? Dig out old photos and videos of the times when you guys were dating. You’d find hilarious pictures that will uplift your mood if you’re stressing.

Make a collage of old photos, videos, letters etc. — just anything that played a role in your love life. Looking at the old memories will help you remember how things worked out for you in the beginning and it can than boost your confidence to make things work for you two even after getting married.

Get a multimedia placed at the venue so that there’s a slide show of all the old memories will not only make your partner all mushy but he’ll fall for you again — and this time it’s going to be hard. Such an act can be a great step towards reigniting that passion into your relationship again.

Don’t Spoil Your Mood on the Big Day — No Arguing

It’s rare for couples to actually listen to each other properly. On the wedding day, there’s just so much going on in your mind that you are likely to get into an argument with your partner. You might have booked one of the most affordable wedding venues in Singapore and still things might not work out as planned. This can be a huge turn off and you won’t be able to enjoy the day you’ve planned so well — you don’t want that now do you?

Simply hearing out your partner can create a huge positive impact on both people on their special day. It can strengthen your bond and will pave way for future prosperity. Do not indulge in anything else when your partner is sharing their feelings to you — it can make them feel unimportant to you. Make sure to give them your undivided attention and don’t ruin the day by fussing over food or music or the guests.

Increase the Dose of Affection

People constantly need affirmation that they are loved, especially men in particular. If you don’t tell them every now and then that you are head over heels for them, they will fall into endless despair.

Since you’ve been busy for the preps, take time on your wedding day and simply say I Love You. These words have the power to make your partner fall in love with you again. your partner needs a reaffirmation of your love and support on your Big day. For some, it may help soothe their nerves that are getting all panicky as the time for saying I Do approaches.

Squeeze their arm or hold their hand to show how eager you are to welcome them in your life. These little acts of love are highly effective in reviving that romance back into life, especially at the time when you’re starting afresh.

Prepare a lovey-dovey speech for your partner — thank them for being in your life and ensure their importance for you. This can boost their self-confidence and they will end up loving you even more.

Surprise Them on the Wedding Day

One of the reasons why romance dies out in a couple is because everything becomes predictable or mundane in their relationship. This is where you need to use the element of surprise, especially on the wedding day

Invite your partner’s friends to the wedding who he thinks might not be able to attend the event. Seeing his close friends will bring a huge smile on his face and he love you all the more for your efforts. You may also create a romantic mood by dancing with your partner to their favorite song before dinner is served.

Also, work up on your appearance to give him a surprise on the wedding day. He’d be eager for the wedding to end soon so that he may spend time with you. You may give him hints about the surprise in store for him for the wedding night. This will uplift his mood as he’d await his surprise.