Your wedding is perhaps the most important event in your life. Here’s how to know exactly when to start botox before the big day.

There’s much more that goes into your wedding day outfit than finding the perfect dress and the right hair and makeup.

You have to think of every little detail when creating your look for the big day. This means planning everything from the jewelry to the shoes and even your pre-wedding skin and beauty treatments.

Such treatments may include touching up your highlights or getting a wax or maybe planning a botox treatment to line up perfectly with your big day.

The thing about figuring out when to start botox, though, is that each person has a different timeline. The process depends on how much work you need done and the kind of botox you’re planning to get, among other details.

Still, there are a few things that can help you figure everything out.

Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when determining how soon you need to start botox before your big day.

1. Identify What You Need to Do

Identify What You Need to Do

First things first, you need to figure out what kind of work you really need in order to look your best on your wedding day. You may not need to go all-out, and you may not even need botox at all!

There are many forms of injectable treatments and fillers that can create similar effects. It’s worth exploring all your options rather than making assumptions.

Once you find the right skincare treatment, you can start identifying the areas of your face that will need injections.

Botox and other fillers have the ability to do everything from fix bags under the eyes to treat fine lines on the forehead or around the lips. You may want to make your lips a bit bigger as well.

The possibilities are endless, but the more you add to your treatment, the longer it will all take. Keep this in mind as you plan out everything you need and the timeline of each injection to be administered and to heal.

2. Consider First-Time Effects Versus Touch-up Treatments

Touch-up Treatments
Have you ever done a botox treatment before or are you just interested in doing it because you’re getting married? It’s good to give yourself even more time than normal if it’s your first time getting this done.

You can’t know for sure what the effects will look like until the botox has done its job, and it’s not worth risking this before your big day.

Not to mention, you don’t know how long it will take for your treatments to settle into your skin and look as they should. There’s a period of inflammation and sometimes a bit of redness that happens after getting botox done.

These things are completely normal, but they won’t look very good when you’re walking down the aisle.

3. Choose Your Doctor Carefully

The best way to get a good understanding of what you really need and how long everything will take is to consult a botox professional – like the doctors at MyBotoxLA.

You should determine who you want your doctor to be long before you start figuring out all the details of your treatment. Having a list of questions that you need answered by your doctor may also help put your mind at ease such as “how long does botox last?” and “are there any side effects or complications of botox?” He or she can guide you through the entire process.

They’ll help you understand which botox treatments will create the results you want and how long each one will take.

But, choosing the right doctor is a process of itself.

You need to find someone you can trust; a professional that you feel a bit of a connection to and you know that you’re in good hands with. More so, it’s good to have a running list of botox doctors who can do the treatments you need because there is a chance their schedule won’t be available to take you during the timeline you need.

Double-check that your doctor of choice can fit you in their calendar for each step of your treatment leading up to your big day. Also, ask them if they’ll be available for touch-ups in the weeks leading up to your wedding.

They should bring this up on their own, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure yourself.

4. Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Heal

Time to Heal
Keep in mind that planning your botox treatment before your wedding means you have to plan for the completion of every single step. There’s the search and consultation process with doctors, the treatment itself (which can take more than one step/day), and the healing process.

Healing time will depend on how much botox you’re getting and how accustomed your skin is to getting this kind of treatment. But, there’s always the off chance that problems occur, so it’s good to cushion the healing time by an extra week or two.

Don’t worry about the effects wearing off, though. Botox can last up to 6 months after it’s completely healed, so you’ll definitely look your best on your big day and in all the honeymoon pictures!

5. Make Sure All Your Other Wedding Details Are Sorted Out

Speaking of your big day and the celebration afterward, don’t forget about all the other details you have to figure out before the wedding.

Plan your botox treatment and healing around things like your makeup test and your bachelorette party. The last thing you want is to do these things with an inflamed face or when you should be resting post-treatment.

So, your calendar needs to be planned out to the T. You can still do things like picking out flower arrangements or test wedding cake flavors during the botox process. But, when you have to look a certain way for your bridal shower or your dress shopping, you don’t want to be mid-heal.

When to Start Botox to Look Your Best for Any Occasion

There’s one more thing you should know about doing botox before your wedding: you may get hooked! The results from this skin treatment are truly incredible when you plan everything out correctly.

You may love this look so much that you decide to keep getting botox to maintain your beautiful skin.

Even though it adds another thing to your beauty regimen, it does get easier. The more Botox treatments you get, the better you will be at understanding when to start botox before a big event.

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