Over the years, the Internet has proved itself to be an amazing tool for opening users eyes — with kids inclusive — to new horizons. Such new things and the horizon are the reason why children are so fond of it. Children of nowadays are technology savvy. They know how to handle the smartphone or operate computer more than they can handle their homework.

With the use of the smartphone and the help of the internet, kids are familiar with all the latest trends on social media, in fact; some kids are exposed to adult content right from their teen age. However, with the help of a Webwatcher, parents of teens can closely monitor and observe all the activities of their kid on the internet.

The internet: Good and ugly side of it.

I’m not unminding of the fact that the kids exposure to the internet also have it good side. The internet enhances them to research further on what they have been taught in class, the chat up with friends through it to discus some educative issues, etc.

Yet, the internet and social media platforms have housed many troubles that are too deep for kids to handle. Examples are cyber bullying, sharing inappropriate content and other dangers. So as a parent, it is very crucial to know what your kids are up to on the world wide web and this can best monitored using the webwatcher app.

Now, What is WebWatcher ?

WebWatcher is one of the many monitoring apps designed for parents to observe closely their kid’s mobile devices and their internet exposure.

This monitoring app works as spy by capturing all the available data and information from the target kids device and shows it on safe web-based account where it can be remotely assess from any PC or mobile device at any convenient time.

Also, WebWatcher app helps to monitor and protect children while they are busy surfing the net, playing games and in the course of communicating with their beloved and strange friends on the internet.

Can WebWatcher be detected on the targeted device?

With many questions unanswered on the internet on whether or not WebWatcher can be detected on Android, PC, iPhone or any other compatible devices, the answer is “NO.” As of now, a device that will detect webcatcher has not been launched or even designed. Webcatcher is designed and meant to be invisible.

WebWatcher monitoring features

The monitoring features of webcatcher are:

  • It monitor both incoming and outgoing emails;
  • It tracks and shows the GPS location of the targeted device;
  • It exposes kids Instant messages and chats;
  • It shows all the visited websites;
  • It has the ability to block inappropriate websites;
  • It can display every single typed keystroke on other devices;
  • It monitors social media activities – be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Myspace and others;
  • Screenshots of monitored PC, etc.

It is without doubts that every parent wants to protect their children from any form of atrocities or dangers that are looming on the internet. With the right technology like webcatcher, it is very possible.