Writing an essay is often not difficult, but what happens when the word count falls too short or too long. Well, the latter has some editing to do, and you will be all set. But what when you have poured all your ideas, but your essay still needs writing. Sometimes you research a lot, but things don’t seem to be going your way. You tend to be thinking, “How do I write my paper in the desired word count and yet make it look interesting?”

You have a word count, but you have completed your essay with only half of it. Now how do you make your essay longer and at the same time, stop it from being boring?

Well, don’t worry, we have researched and brought in some tips and tricks for you. We have listed down a bunch of points to help you make your essay longer.

Use stories and examples

Try using as many examples as you can and relating them to the topic. The more examples you use, the word count will increase, and also your essay will become more understandable. If you use an example to indicate something like if you are writing about plastic and marine life, take an example of a particular fish breed and explain how its entire life cycle is affected by our plastic waste, thus affecting the ecosystem. This way, the essay becomes more relatable.

Use encouraging words and quotations

Quotations make a great impact on the reader. This has been proven over and over again. Use quotations to lengthen your essay. After using the quote, also give an explanation of how the quote is related to the essay topic. But while doing so, make sure you do not go off track and lose the sense of your essay.

Clarify the conclusion and introduction

These are the two areas where the word count can be increased easily. In the introduction, describe briefly why you chose this topic and how the research affected you. Similarly, in conclusion, you can describe your journey of how the topic and its research affected you. Try framing a story around your experiences to make it longer and interesting.

Use phrases

Instead of getting straight to the point, try reframing sentences using phrases. For example, the word ‘different’ can be replaced with ‘to put it in another way.’ This will not only make the essay longer but will also emphasize the important statements. Phrases used on a regular basis also makes the reader understand your language skills and its credibility.

These are some of the ideas that we came up with, but you can use your creativity and imagination to your best and make your essay longer. Also, the more research and notes you do, your essay will tend to increase automatically. You don’t have to increase it deliberately. Choose a topic wherein you have lots to explore and get creative. The topic should allow your thoughts to flow on paper.