One of the most serious difficulties that humanity encountered in XXI century is colossal energy consumption. Astronauts who were on the International Space Station are often amazed by the wonderful views of brightly lit cities at night. Pictures like that are, of course, beautiful, but they attract our attention to the essential problem. We use way too much energy.

Fortunately, recently, people started paying attention to the energy consumption problem and are now wondering how to stop this and be more environmentally friendly. There’s nothing that you can do when it comes to reducing energy usage in large public buildings. However, it doesn’t mean that you should sit back and do nothing.

Imagine how wonderful would it be when people all over the world started to care about the environment. You can’t always influence other people’s behavior. However, one thing that you can do is to take care of your household sustainability. That’s why you should follow these tips and make your home more eco-friendly.


So many people are still using ineffective tank water heaters. They have many cons. It’s a much better idea to use tankless gas heaters. They not only reduce carbon emissions but also can serve you for twice as long as traditional units.

According to tankless gas water heater reviews, you’ll be able to save up to 40% on your gas bills if you replace your old tank heaters with them. Environment, just as your wallet will be happy if you decide to invest in this water heating system.

Keep in mind that it’s crucial to select the right type for your home specifications. There’s a wide variety of products on the market, so before any purchase, contact an expert if you’re not sure which heater would be the best for your home.

Care about the water

We waste so much water on a daily basis, and we could easily avoid it. If you noticed that you run the tap when you’re brushing your teeth or boil excessive amounts of water regularly – you have to change it. Whenever you see any leaky faucets – fix them. If you have a garden, make sure you water the plants in the morning or evening. Never do this at the hottest time of the day because that will result in water evaporation in the heat. These are just ideas. When you think of any possibility that will let you save some water – do it.

Get a smart meter

It’s an electronic tool that is tracking electric energy consumption. However, recording energy usage is not the only feature that it offers. A smart meter can be installed to turn on and off your heating. Just think about the possibilities it creates.

When the winter months come, you usually leave the heating on for longer than you actually need it. It’s a big waste of energy. Instead, you can program it to start heating like an hour before you return home, and turn it off when you’re leaving to work. If you’d love to lower your energy bills, this is a tool that you have to get!

Proper insulation

We all should strive for using as little energy as possible. When you’re heating, make sure that you don’t waste it. You can achieve it by insulating your home. Essential places that you should take care of are walls, roofs, doors, and windows. Usually, this investment will lower your heating costs from 10% to even 50%.

Get solar panels

The beauty of solar energy is the fact that it’s 100% environment-friendly. Installing solar panels could be too big of an expense to some people, but if you can afford it, it’s one of the best long-term eco-investments you can make. Depending on where you live, after 20 years, you’ll get to break even, and after that, all the energy you’ll get is pure profit.

It’s also possible to sell the excess energy that you produced, but don’t know how to use. However, you shouldn’t consider it only as a business investment, since it’s a way of being eco-friendly, and money is just an addition.

Get in touch with sustainability consultant

There is no ultimate guide to a sustainable home. Every household is different, and some methods might be useful, while others not necessarily. Before making any changes, you should talk to a sustainability consultant who can provide you a professional analysis and therefore give you the best ideas to implement.

There’s a lot of space for improvement if you want to upgrade your home to an eco-friendly household. No matter what you decide to do, every method is praiseworthy. Remember that everything you do to take care of the environment matters!