When it comes to buying flowers for someone special in​Hong Kong you are spoiled for choice. Whether you want to visit one of Hong Kong’s independent ​flower shops​ for a signature style unique to that little hole in the wall, order a bouquet to be delivered to brighten up someone’s day, or visit Hong Kong’s Mong Kok flower market to get lost in a world of vibrance. Let’s explore your options.

Independent Flower Shops

You might have to do a bit of searching around in order to find some of the best, hole in the wall Hong Kong flower shops, but it can often be worth the search. These are going to be little hidden treasures that often make their own unique styles of bouquets, or if you stop by they would be happy to provide a custom order for your flowers​. This can be one of the best options when it comes to ​ordering flowers for special occasions like ​Valentine’s Day​, this is because you can shop around to find that unique order that fits your specific vision. Whatever your specific order for flowers might require there is going to be an independent ​shop​ that can see to it that you stand out. Some of these ​flower shops​ will be open for delivery, but that’s something that you’re going to want to call ahead to confirm.

Flower Delivery Services

By far the most convenient option that you have when it comes to Valentine’s Day flowers is to order them through a delivery service. This can be a great option to surprise that someone special on Valentine’s Day​, or if they just need to know that they are loved. There aren’t many restrictions when it comes to ordering flowers in Hong Kong​, but most shops will have a preset menu from which you can order your ​flowers​ so make sure that you know what it is that you’re ​ordering​ before you make that final purchase. You will also want to keep in mind that the ​flower shop​ might be booked for ​Valentine’s Day​ deliveries, so try to plan accordingly.

Flower Market Road

If you have the time for it one of the best options has to be Flower Market Road. It’s an entire road for the highest quality flower shops in​ Hong Kong,​ which to some might sound like a dream come true. Well, it is. Rather than bringing someone flowers bring that someone to a flower heaven. Whether you’re looking for an interesting date idea for Valentine’s Day​, or you just want to liven up a space this is going to be a one stop shop for any need that you might have. This does carry with it the restriction of only one central location, but you can easily make that a part of the adventure. If you don’t want the same old standard flower shop​ experience you should find your way to Flower Market Road, it’s going to be must visit location for flower lovers in Hong Kong​.