Cypress trees shed foliage which is unlike many softwoods. This characteristic is more common in hardwoods than softwoods. As for Sinker cypress wood, it has excellent durability, which you may use to build different woodworking projects, even a home. Continue reading to know the five uses of Sinker cypress wood when building your dwelling.

1. Flooring

Cypress woods, even Sinker units, have a dark to light honey-brown hue. Its excellent durability, stability, and tight-grain nature makes it an ideal choice for flooring in homes. You may even consider using it on high traffic areas like the bedroom, living room, or bathroom.

Sinker cypress wood is resistant against warping and excessive shrinking. It can also resist splitting and will hold together tightly when placed as subfloors. However, its low wooden movement means it attracts stains like a magnet. Be wary of using paint near this softwood. A drop of paint or spilling juice on this wood may make it a challenging task for you to remove the spot or stain.

Also, its natural wooden color and grain make Sinker cypress wood floors and polyurethane sealers a great match. The finish creates a clear coating on the wood flooring, making it even more irresistible than before.

2. Furniture

Are you a fan of do-it-yourself (DIY) furniture? If so, then you may consider using Sinker cypress wood in building furniture for your home. The lightweight and durable nature of cypress trees make it possible to be the main component of chests, bed frames, tables, and many other pieces of furniture.

Furthermore, it grows a natural wood stain when left in its natural state over time. Its honey-brown tone may turn to a pewter color when you don’t apply any chemical finishes over it. Thus, it creates a vintage look many homeowners may love. Sinker cypress furniture may even become the centerpiece of a specific room in your home.

3. Exterior Siding

Sinker cypress wood is also resistant to decay. It can withstand the harshness of weather, making it an ideal choice as exterior siding for a dwelling. Aside from using this wood to transform your home’s exterior, you can also use it on your roof. Create cypress wood shingles on your roof to give the top of your residence character. The grain patterns become more vivid over time, especially when you compare it with oak.

Like Sinker cypress wooden floors, applying a clear sealer may also be the right choice if you use this wood for exterior siding or roof shingles. The finish will help keep the natural wooden look over a long period. It’s an excellent choice if you don’t want that wooden stain to permeate over time.

4. Ornamental Landscaping

Many kinds of cypress wood are great for creating an extra layer of appeal on your yard. Graveyard and Leyland cypress are good choices, but you can also use Sinker cypress wood in this regard. This wood can form a natural wall that’s great for both efficiency and privacy.

Furthermore, it looks more appealing over time. Use it as a fence, and the Sinker cypress wooden material forms a timeless aesthetic that may be an excellent choice for single-family detached homes. Also, you can use the material for posts to help support arbors and grapevines. The durable wood is resistant to rotting, making it an excellent option for gardening purposes.

5. Firewood

Albeit not technically used in building a home, it’s still good to note that Sinker cypress wood is an excellent choice to use as firewood as it has an easy-to-split nature. Also, it doesn’t create too much tar and soot. Furthermore, the wood is clean burning, make it an ideal option to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Cypress woods dry quickly, which means you can almost-immediately use the material after cutting. You don’t even have to wait a long time to get warm and cozy on those cold nights when you use Sinker cypress wood as firewood. This material burns fast thanks to its low-to-medium density. When you already have a fireplace in your home while building your dwelling, use a bit of extra cypress wood you have.

Aside from the uses of Sinker cypress wood already mentioned, you can also use the material in creating specific woodworking projects. For example, it’s excellent wood when creating vases, pots, and wooden figurines. Otherwise, you may also want to use it to build a wooden playhouse for your kids. Don’t underestimate this wooden material as it can last for generations with proper maintenance.