Is it possible to try testosterone replacement therapy for a few weeks without affecting one’s long term endogenous production?

Is it conceivable? Indeed. Is it likely? All things considered, that is the place it gets much increasingly convoluted. Our endocrine framework (the arrangement of every one of our hormones) is inconceivably mind-boggling and truly one of a kind to the person. That is the reason when we talk about normal hormone ranges for various sexual orientations, these extents are very wide, and there are a lot of people who work outside these reaches without having any sort of drawback contrasted with companions who fall inside the range.

Is Testosterone Treatment Safe?

So as well as can be expected state is that it most likely won’t have any long haul impacts. Yet, the additional time spent doing it, the more noteworthy the possibility and extent of long haul impacts. I would suggest counseling a doctor before doing it, as a doctor can take explicit blood tests and help screen your framework step by step. That is the most exact approach to find a solution as it applies specifically to you.

At last, it’s a matter of gauging your objectives against one another. There is no real way to ensure that testosterone substitution won’t for all time change your endogenous generation, regardless of if it’s seven days of taking it or a year (however, the less time spent doing it, the littler the difference in it having a lasting impact). Furthermore, no one but you can choose on the off chance that you need to roll that pass on.

Testosterone is anything but a speedy acting hormone, so its belongings will require some investment. Notwithstanding, the atomic signs that control testosterone discharge are snappy acting contrasted with testosterone, so you can expect an endogenous reaction at any rate when you have a reaction to the substitution medicate.

Aftermath of Testosterone Treatment on Bodybuilders

Androgenic drugs have long been known in the world of rabid bodybuilders fixated on gaining muscle mass. The most important and most unpleasant consequence is that the body, receiving excess testosterone from the outside, ceases to produce it itself. The function of the male sex glands is suppressed, they cease to feel necessary.

Well, the worst happens then: you think and stop introducing drugs, but the body to restore the normal functioning of the gonads takes three months to a year. And all this time you are supposed to feel real, not imaginary deficiency of testosterone. And there will be nothing to help yourself — otherwise your body will never begin to produce it in the right amount.