At last, you are getting married. Congratulations. That’s a big step in life. You’ll have all the time with your partner. You need to store those memorable experiences in photos. With photo taking, you have permanent storage that you can leverage on to more life into your relationship. However, the success of your photo-taking session depends on the poses you use. Get it wrong and mess up with your photos. So, if you are looking to artistically take photos with your partner, you are in the right place. The following guide contains top unique wedding photography pose ideas you can use and get beautiful photos. Keep reading.

Blind Fold

The groom shouldn’t be allowed to see the bride before the actual wedding day. Take advantage of this moment and make your photoshoot session fun as well as special. Ask the bride to cover the eyes of the groom before taking the photos. With this pose, you have the power to take photos that will help you create a story and include it in the subsequent shots.

That First Look

When it comes to photoshoot, nothing takes center stage quite like the first look. With the first look, you capture the mood of the bride and the groom unexpectedly—which makes the photos cute, exciting, and memorable. So, be sure to capture the first look. However, be sure to ask the bride. Take as many photos as you can. You can also do it in a private setting.

Lying in the Grass

Want playful, unique, and exciting shots? Well, ask the couple to lie in the grass. Also, ask them to put the heads together. They should face in opposite directions. Also, they should close their eyes. Alternatively, the bride can place her hands on the face of the groom. It will create a sweet touch. Additionally, be sure to use the right photo booth. For more information, click here.


Dancing together can be a nice way of taking photos. It cultivates a sense of love in the couple. Usually done in the reception area, dancing can be perfect for taking photos. Also, you don’t have to limit everything at the reception. You can ask the couple top practice a few moves during a photoshoot before they reach the reception. It will make the photo album an incredible and exciting. Ask the couple to dance on the balcony as you take photos—it will create a beautiful, unique, and as well as artistic shots.

Wide Angle Drama

Want dramatic shots? Well, head to the wood or field area. Ask the couple to hold hands as you take wide-angle shots. Also, request the couple to get into a sweet conversation as you take the shots. They should remain relaxed and natural.

The Kiss

Request them to hand kiss. Ask the couple to kiss each other. It will bring more love to the photoshoots. So, when taking photos, ask the bride to kiss the hand of the bride.

That Forehead Kiss

The forehead kiss is also another great way of taking shots. This is particularly important for a couple that is having a hard time to relax. With this technique, you can inject more calmness into the couple—which makes it easy to take different shots. However, be sure to take several shots from which you can choose the best one to go to the photo album. Kisses tend to make the couple more relaxed. Also, it helps to make them feel confident—which plays a key role in making the photo session successful.

That Relaxed Gaze

Another great way to take shots is by embracing a relaxed gaze. Here is how to take shots with this pose:

Ask the couple to sit down—albeit casually. Request the groom to place his hands on one knee. Alternatively, the groom stretches the knees in the front. From here, let the, engage in a light chat. Grab this opportunity to take several shots. Capture those love expressions on their faces.

The Walk

Add movement to your shots—it will help make the photos look more natural and unique. This is especially important if you are carrying out the photoshoot session at the beach, swimming pool, or riverside. Ask the couple to take a walk while holding each other’s hands. Alternatively, the bride can place her hands in the groom’s armpit. Better still, you can also the groom to grab the bride by the waist. It brings out the real romance that will make the photos more executive. After all, these photos are meant to exude the love that exists between these two guys. It’s their time. So, let the photos signify the love that exists between them.

Make use of the Weather

Are you afraid that the rain will mess up with your photoshoot? Well, you can turn rain into an important aspect of the photos. You can leverage on whether to get that unique shots you have been dreaming of. Bring a nice jacket on board. Then ask the couple to shield each other using that jacket. The results will be amazing. It’s one of the best ways of taking advantage of the weather in your shots.

The Umbrella

Want to add that extra charm into your photos? Well, think in terms of adding shadows with the umbrella. With shadows, you can add more vibe to your photos. This will make your photo album look unique and classy. So, add a prop such as an umbrella to your photos. For instance, you can ask the subjects to hold the umbrella in such a way that it faces the camera—especially if you are taking the shots at night. This will create a perfect shadow—a vital detail in your photos.

The Bottom-Line

You have worked hard for that dream wedding. It’s time to capture everything in photoshoots. But, you need to get it right. And the only way to get it right is to practice the above wedding poses before taking photos. These are the poses that will inject more class into your photos.