Hair loss is not a condition that affects only men. It can be observed in many women, as well. The only difference, though, is the frequency of incidence between men and women.

Based on records, around 50 million American men are getting bald, and almost 30 million women are affected by it.

The United States National Library of Medicine revealed that the most common form of this condition is called androgenetic alopecia. Nevertheless, it was pointed out that women have a lower risk of getting totally bald unless they undergo a medical procedure that directly causes the condition. This is opposite with men, where the risk of hair loss increases as they age.

Patterns in Men and Women

Men and women have different baldness patterns.

For men, baldness forms an “M” pattern. It starts from the sides until it goes upwards.

Baldness affects at least 50 percent of the men’s population as soon as they reach 50 years old. The figure even reaches 80 percent when they are already 70 years old.

For women, the pattern is different. There is only thinning of the hair.

Mild baldness affects more than 50 percent of women. Meanwhile, only 20 percent of them experience moderate to severe levels.

Remedies for Hair Loss

When you observe that your hair has started to thin or your hairline gets higher, you might freak out.

Several remedies can stop the condition from getting worse.

  • Stay away from heat-inducing tools such as hair blower and dryer. Heat can damage hair. It can cause premature hair fall, which may lead to baldness later on.
  • Avoid hair chemicals. Frequent hair dyeing and other procedures may weaken your hair’s strands causing hair loss.
  • Use essential oils. There are several essential oils recommended for hair growth. These include rosemary, tea tree, lavender, and peppermint.
  • Use readily available treatment products. The rise in medical innovations has provided new products for hair loss treatment. One of these is the brotzu lotion whose effectiveness is still being questioned.

Dr. Brotzu’s Discovery

Dr. Giovanni Brotzu discovered the lotion, which he claimed can reverse hair loss in 2016.

The controversy (or shall we say the popularity) started when many interested individuals formed doubts about the claims. According to the then 81-year-old doctor, baldness could be reversed by up to five years. This could happen if you used it regularly for 18 months.

This claim even stirred more interest when photographs of testimonies by those who have used it went around. Brotzu lotion thus gathered more queries as more people have become curious about the “miracle” it offered.

The Lotion’s Main Ingredient

With just one main ingredient, medical practitioners became extra optimistic about its expected results. Accordingly, prostaglandin E1 (PGE1), an anti-inflammatory lipid compound, is responsible for the lotion’s effectiveness. It was explained that when PGE1 is activated with the help of Dihomo-Gamma-Linolenic-Acid (DGLA), its level increases. Once there is an increased PGE1, blood circulation is improved while reducing inflammation.

In the coming days, you can anticipate more stories about this topical remedy for hair loss.