Experts in real estate have predicted that 2019 is going to see massive breakthroughs and developments in the construction business. The groundwork has already started in 2018 and 2019 is only going to get better.

Augmented Reality

After virtual reality, it’s now time for augmented reality. Virtual reality gave users the ability to visualize the world as they would want it. Augmented reality takes us one step further. Now you can actually interact with reality and change it as you please. You get a full blown picture of how things will be. So before you turn things into actual reality, you can go a virtual run to see if it works. This is a huge boon for construction companies who can get a run of their project before they even start working on it. Though this technology costs a bomb currently, companies who can afford this can revolutionize their projects and minimize hiccups on the way. Soon there’ll be no need to even scrutinize the site, it will all be done within the walls of comfortable offices.

Construction software and data ecosystem

Just like every industry has a software, now the construction industry does too. Real-time collaboration software is regarded as the most important where everyone in the company gets live updates. Now you can also see historical maps and the current quality of the soil. Maps like Are extensive and informative. They have information about the ground which can tell you the kind of building it will support and also if the property is disputed.

Shared data ecosystems are another great example of technological advancements in the construction business. Realtors and construction companies can get access to these cloud systems and share important information like data, their experiences and project knowledge. It is revolutionizing the industry because it is easier to network with like-minded people and you also get to keep abreast of the latest news.


In the US many construction businesses are already employing the use of drones to map and photograph their building sites. Drones save a lot of time and an entire site can be surveyed in just a matter of minutes. In the past, surveying the site would take weeks. The efficiency that is aided by the aerial view as opposed to manual, has gone by 500%.

Drones are still and only the very rich companies can afford them at the moment. But soon when the use of drones increases, they will be indispensable for any construction company. The cost of production for drones is expected to drop too.

As drones for the construction business are improved, the quality of pictures and reports will also increase. Human intervention may not be needed at all. This saves a lot of money and manual survey tools are bulky and heavy.

Earlier construction companies were reluctant to use drones because they needed to be remote controlled. Now that automatic drones are coming in, more construction companies are warming up to the idea.

Self-healing concrete

This is an amazing discovery! Scientists have found that the bacteria Bacillus Pseudofirmus Sporosarcina Pasteurii creates and can stay dormant in concrete for about 200 years. This bacteria is mixed with concrete and calcium lactate is added. When the roads crack, the bacteria come in contact with water and start producing limestone which fills the cracks automatically within 3 weeks. This organic cement may be expensive at this hour. But soon when there is enough self healing concrete to go around and the discovery is made official, new age concrete will be used everywhere. The US currently uses 8% of the world’s concrete for development. The production of concrete is expected to triple by 2022. The main reason is that huge developing countries like China and India will be on a fast road to development.

Cloud and mobile technology

Mobiles can now access the internet from anywhere and thus have access to cloud storage apps too. Just a few years back cloud computing was just a fantasy. Now you can edit and access your important documents from anywhere and even share It with others. Cloud storage is phenomenal too and you don’t need to clear it for a long time. You can now take your work wherever you go. All this information is accessible with just a tap. The best part is that this technology is very cheap. Now you don’t have to buy a domain just to store your information. This is the most widespread technology that construction companies are embracing. If you want to stay on top of your game then keep abreast of new technologies.

New age technologies are taking the world by storm. If you’re looking at a long term career in construction then be aware and keep your eyes open!