Everyone has to know that not all exercises will work for everybody. And there are a lot of factors that determine which ones might fit you better. From your physical attributes to the lifestyle you’re leading, there are some exercises that you simply can’t or won’t be able to do. Though a common fitspo saying is “Never say never!” there are just some things even you wouldn’t be able to control. However, if you do find that right exercise that works for you, the results will be nothing short of amazing. You’ll look trimmer and feel better in the end.

A type of exercise that might not work for everybody is whole-body vibration therapy. Although just about anyone can have a go at it, some might not have the patience nor the time to do it regularly. While some, on the other hand, need it the most. Here are those types of people.

People with Weak Bones

Osteogenesis imperfecta, or ‘Brittle Bone disease,’ is a genetic condition that unfortunately, many people have in their families. Simply put, people who are born with it have weaker bones than most. They’re easily susceptible to fractures and their overall skeletal systems are extremely fragile. These people might not benefit from the strenuous gym exercises most people do, but at least they can, and need to, do whole-body vibration training. Exercising with a vibrations helps their weak bones strengthen a little through its soothing properties. With this workout, a stronger skeletal system is more than possible for them to achieve!

People with Bad Posture

Similarly, whole-body vibration training’s soothing properties can also help people with bad posture their stance. Be they a physical ailment or not, stronger bones guarantees better posture. And who’d want to slouch all day long or see people whoa re unable to stand up straight for a substantial amount of time? Good posture is not only a social benefit, but it’s also a health benefit as well. Studies have shown that better posture is a sign of perfect health and almost always guarantees longevity in life. and with whole-body vibration training, you can improve yours in no time!

Young Adults

Young adults, or teenagers, are most prone to exhibiting bad posture. Be it on their school desks or their bedroom chairs, they’re always slouching about. And if they stay that way, they’ll have a more difficult time getting in shape when they’d want to when they grow older. But if they start with whole-body vibration training young, they’ll develop a better sense and need for fitness than their peers. At the same time, this is also a great bonding activity you can do with them.


Are you a stay-at-home parent who takes care of the kids and cleans the house? Are you a digital nomad who can work within the comforts of your own home? Well, if you are and you don’t want to spend your free hours lying on the couch like a potato, you can do whole-body training to pass the time and improve your fitness. Not only is it a healthy exercise, but it’s also a relaxing one at that. As you move about on your vibration machine, no matter how strenuous you get with it, its vibrations will always make you feel relaxed.


Weirdly enough, whole-body vibration training is the only exercise that’s good both for people who have time and for those who have barely enough. The best thing about this work-out is that you can do it just about anywhere. As long as you have your vibration machine, the world is your gym. so if you’re having a busy day at work, and you think you won’t have time after to go to the gym, just do a few squats on your machine in your office. You might even be able to sneak in a few lunges as well!


Yogis can benefit a lot from whole-body vibration training. In fact, both exercises are completely compatible. But the reason why people who yoga need to incorporate whole-body vibration training into their fitness regime is that it can further improve their exercising. Imagine doing the ‘downward dog’ on a vibrating plate. Would be a little challenging, wouldn’t it? And if you get yourself to get used to such exercises, you’ll be able to improve your yoga skills in no time. Not to mention, combing two effective exercises together gives you twice the health benefits!

The Military

Apart from fitness, whole-body vibration therapy promotes discipline. And no other type of person requires discipline quite like the military. Imagine doing lunges on a vibrating plate. If you’re not used to it, you’ll surely fall flat on your face in your first attempt. Getting used to whole-body vibration training entails discipline. The way your leaders in the armed forces will test you again and again, a vibrating plate will test you again and again too. Your goal here is to be a fitter and better you; a more suitable person to be protecting his/her own country.


The beauty of whole-body vibration training is that it not only promotes discipline, it also encourages grace. Dancers need both in order to give exemplary performances. Whole-body vibration training allows them to instill both and incorporate a stronger foundation. Firstly, there’s the getting used to the vibrations, which requires military-like discipline. But also, there are the soothing properties of the exercises, which will not only strengthen your bones but make your whole body more flexible too. And flexibility is one of the main ingredients for graceful and languid movements!

The Elderly

The pursuit of fitness has no age limit. Just about anyone can exercise their way into a fitter body and better health. This includes senior citizens. People in their 60s, 70s, possibly even in their 80s and 90s can still work out to ensure that they’re still trim and tight. But of course, they’re no longer in the condition to do the most strenuous exercises. The best ones for them are the more relaxing workouts, especially whole-body vibration training. Not only will they feel relaxed by the end of every session, but they’ll feel ten years younger too!

If you fall under any of these types of people, try doing whole-body vibration training as your new fitness regime. It’s going to be better and rewarding for you in the long run!