Grills are one of the most sought after equipment that people aim to buy. Generally, people are tempted to buy larger grills, because a general perception is that larger grills perform better. Large grills are only worth the investment if you regularly host BBQ parties and have a very large kitchen or outdoor space to accommodate such bulky equipment. The ground reality is that many of us have limited space and smaller grills can easily be accommodated in smaller spaces. Moreover, smaller grills can work just as good as bigger ones and you can save money with a smaller grill. Not only they cost cheaper, but often they tend to be more energy-efficient than the bigger grills. All you need to do is to buy the right grill that fits your needs.

If you are a foodie, have a passion for cooking and preparing delicious food and serving it to your loved ones, you will know the craving to embrace as many kitchen technologies and the urge to accommodate in your home, and for all the right reasons. Over the years, kitchen appliances and equipment have revolutionized how cooking is done. Today you do not have to rely on restaurants to enjoy restaurant-style meals. Here are some of the best small grills for you to choose from for your home.

Weber 10020 Smokey Joe Portable Grill

Weber is a renowned name in the kitchen appliances industry, and grills in particular, and this little cooking powerhouse stands true to its name. This 14-inch portable grill is a classic example of why size does not matter. Despite its small size, the grill cab cooks as efficiently as any large grill in the market. With a sleek and compact design, this grill is not only great for small balconies, verandas, and lawns but can also be carried along for camping, picnics, and expeditions. The grill can easily accommodate up to 6 burger patties at a time and the porcelain enamel finish keeps this body robust and rust-free.

George Foreman Electric Grill

This electric-powered grill is an exceptionally lightweight product that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The design of this grill is not only aesthetically appealing but also practical and intelligent. It comes with a pedestal stand that allows you to enjoy outdoor cooking even in a small balcony. If you wish to use the grill in your indoor kitchen, you can simply remove the stand and place the grill on your kitchen counter. The grill is also a great investment for those who do camping frequently and other outdoor trips and require a practical cooking apparatus.

Char-Broil 240 Patio Bistro Electric Grill

Char-Broil is known to make exceptionally designed grills and this electric grill proves that yet another time. The 240 Patio Bistro Grill is not only a piece of very lightweight equipment that can be moved around easily, but it also has a spacious grill along with a warming rack. The electric power means you do not have to bother looking for coals and the temperature settings allow you to bring more versatility to your food.