E-Commerce is a revolutionary way of conducting commercial transactions using the online platform. Buying or Selling has never been easier than in this present moment, with the concept of e-commerce spreading as rage over the internet. Merchants trading in all kinds of products and services are diving into the global village using e-commerce to enhance their existing business with the use of websites, blogs, and other marketing strategies. E-Commerce has opened doors and gateways to remote corners of the globe to connect the consumer with merchants for shopping purposes.

How does E-Commerce work?

Financial transactions are involved primarily in e-commerce and security in such cases is of utmost importance. E-commerce has evolved over the recent decades as the encryption technology in such transactions has become stronger. Merchants and business houses have realized that without a good secure online transaction, a consumer will not be ready to shop with them if the consumer does not observe best of security features being provided. E-commerce helps to promote businesses dealing in any kind of physical goods, services such as consultation, educational assistance, counseling, freelance e-tailored services, etc. and digital products such as images, e-books, software, etc.

How do merchants stand out and provide the best service and product along with lucrative deals and rewards to the choosy consumer? Rebatemango.my is one such place where more than 1000 merchants can be found at a single place by the consumer. The experience a consumer desires in their online shopping is catered to by this website that provides services, solutions, products by constantly increasing merchant base. Rebates and rewards are on offer for every possible product that can be required by the consumer. Time is of the essence when the consumer is searching online, and the site has paid a great deal of attention to these customer needs when creating their marketplace.

The widely consumer used e-commerce business involves physical goods and services generally sold through online storefronts using websites, social media platforms, and online marketplaces.
Marketing products on the internet through the use of ads which show up as banners when a consumer is scrolling on websites, social media sites, playing games on apps, etc lets the merchants reach a large community easily.

Reward programs add sweetness to online shopping

Customers look for genuine deals when shopping online. The option of comparing the same product with other merchant stores has to lead the merchants to devise ways of ensuring their customers come back again to them. Giving back to the consumer is now the new marketing strategy which is finding more appeal online. People are seeking more value for the money they spend and hence reward programs is the best way to add value to a customers money.

To encourage consumers to shop more and use the same business frequently, merchants are introducing discounts coupons, discounts on products, air miles, loyalty points which can be redeemed in the form of merchandise, etc.

A consumer is going to return to the same store when they are happy with their experience. Keeping this in mind, businesses also have realized that the consumer is going to promote their stuff by word of mouth or referring new people to the business stores.

Rebates and Rewards

Too many websites promote a lot of their stores and merchants with promotional discounts, however, fall short on the delivery of their promises when the consumer visits those websites to shop. Integrity has to be highest in e-commerce if the business has to succeed. Consumers are very wise today and do a lot of research before buying any product as the online market is flooded with offers. Most importantly, a customer wants to get value for the time they surf online to find the best offers and deals for the product they are searching.

Offers such as cashback on purchases, miles on air ticket purchases, hotel bookings, loyalty points that can be accumulated and redeemed later, and Mangoes, Yes they even gift the consume’rs mangoes as extra points to help reach the green and gold membership on their site. Referrals are welcomed by the site with payments disbursed for three referrals from you once they join the membership. In the end what matters in today’s world is how much value did the business store merchant add in the consumer’s mind.