Sunglasses are generally a form of protective eyewear designed to prevent sunlight and high energy lights from damage or discomfort. In the past decades sunglasses have become a part of fashion among individuals globally which enhanced the business for selling sunglasses worldwide. Many well-known branded companies are famous globally for providing the best products which suits the customer demands (as Ice, 2017).

With time many changes in the style occurred, thus paving the way for more companies to grow in this market globally. At present, there are many brands of sunglasses, which provide products globally are ensuring to provide with the best products.

Top rated sunglass companies

As the demand for sunglasses increased time to time, it also faced some changes in style and quality of the goods produced. Over the past decade many such companies has evolved as best and top sunglass manufacturing and selling firm globally (Cappellazzo, 2018). They aim to provide the best quality products to its customers. Some of the top rated sunglass brands globally are:

  • Messy Weekend – Messy Weekend is presently the best sunglass brand globally which came in limelight for its wide range of fashionable sunglasses and snow goggles. The reason for their success is their unique designs, good quality and handmade products along with much lesser price than other top rated brands. They use eco friendly products to produce sunglasses and aim to provide the best product for a low price.
  • Maui Jim – It is one of the highly admired manufacturers of sunglasses worldwide. It is a Hawaii based company, which provides sunglasses both sports and fashion. Their sunglasses have best quality, durability and new designs attract customers globally.
  • Ray-Ban – Ray ban is one of the most popular sunglasses brands in the world. Those who look for casual sunglasses mainly prefer it. They provide different styles of sunglasses like wayfarer, club master and aviator styles. Being a top brand, it aims to provide good products at a negotiable price, which attracts customers globally. In the past few years, the introduction of new styles of sunglasses boosted the business of the company largely.
  • Moscot – Founded by Hyman Mascot in 1915 is one of the oldest brands in sunglasses manufacturing industries located in new York. They are famous for their bold and classic design they have been sticking to all old styles of sunglasses. Along with different styles and high quality, their price is also a little bit high. Customers have to pay large amount to buy a good moscot product.

Impact on customers

In the past decade, sunglasses have emerged as a primary fashion source. Individuals globally are attracted towards buying stylish sunglasses to look good.

After the development in ecommerce and evolving of top rated brands of sunglasses, boosted the market and competition. Companies started to invent new and unique styles to attract customers and enhance business (Fuchs and Silhouette, 2015).

As online shopping has no barrier to time and place, online sunglass shopping became more famous as it provides a wide range of product along with available customer reviews to understand about a product much better. People became more aware about good products and were focused towards using quality products. The increasing customer demand for new products and companies aim to meet customer demand boosted the sunglass manufacturing industries in whole and many new brands came up in the market like store. They all provide the same product but with different specifications, it was now on consumer which product to choose.


The above study will provide knowledge about top rated sunglass brands globally and their products and specifications. The study is conducted to find out some of the important sunglass brands and their online shopping globally (Fenty et al., 2017). Further, light has been provided on how online shopping has affected the business and how it influenced the market to grow globally. Demands from all over the world lead to an increase in customer demands and hence increased the productivity of the companies to meet customer demands.