Whether you are looking to sell or buy a property, online house valuation tools can be of great help. With property valuation online, you can easily estimate the amount you will be receiving on selling your house. You can also find the amount you need to spend for your next house, all of this is possible by just by entering a few details. Another use of the online house valuation tools is for comparing the price of the property you are interested in with other properties in the neighbourhood.

As mentioned, the internet is full of such valuation tools, it can get clumsy to choose the best ones. We bring you the top 10 free online house valuation tools.


Problem with most of the free home valuation tools offering by local online estate agents is that they can be very pushy and unreliable at the same time. YOPA is the most reliable free proper valuation online tool that you can use. Just pick a time and date for the free valuation of your house and you are done.

2. Rightmove

The biggest UK home search website, Rightmove is trusted by millions of UK buyers and sellers. With over 800,000 properties on the offer, the website is simply the best place to compare and estimate the costs of homes you are interested in. There’s a tool on the website that helps you search for the actual sold price of the properties in the UK. You get the most reliable information because the information is directly taken from the Land Registry and the Registers of Scotland. If you want an online valuation of your house, use Rightmove’s Home Value tool.

3. Mouseprice

Touted as Property Expert’s Choice, Mouseprice offers a reliable free basic property valuation tool that requires you to feed only the postcode. The price range provided by the valuation tool is quite broad, but it is the simplest tools to use out there. There are other informative tools available as well like the heat maps that provide you with details such as new build numbers, average values and growth rates in a particular area. You can simply search for Mouseprice guide to know more about this valuation tool.

4. Onthemarket.com

Now not a conventional house valuation tool per se, Onthemarket, however, has a listing of over 250,000 properties that tell you about the local asking prices. Like its competitors, the website also offers the sold price tool to know about the actual selling price of a property.

5. Zoopla

Zoopla is the second-biggest property buying and selling website in the UK. Other than simple comparison tool, the website also offers an online house valuation tool that gives you a ‘Zoopla Estimate’, which is nothing but a ballpark figure. However, in our review, we found that it is still one of the best tools for property valuation online.

6. Nationwide

With their own House Price Calculator, the Nationwide helps property buyers look at the most recent valuation and the sale price of a property in a particular area. A very basic tool, the Nationwide house valuation tool helps understand how property price fluctuates.

7. The Halifax House Price Index

Operating since 1983, the Halifax House Price Index is easily the UK’s longest-running house price data body. But, it’s not a tool and more like a data reserve that you will have to mine on your own to know about property valuation.

8. Land Registry (for Wales and England)

Land Registry is not just a government body but also offers some basic tools for the public. The registry offers house price data tool, heat maps and price calculator. The tool is not as pretty as Zoopla or Mouseprice, but even in its most basic form, it is quite useful.

9. Register of Scotland

Just like the Land Registry, the Registers of Scotland is where you can find the valuation tools for Scottish properties. It offers a basic, free to use online house valuation tool.

10. External Factor Tools

The tools listed above do give you a rough estimation of the property value, but they neglect the external factors like flood risks, pollution and crime rate that can affect the price of a property in an area. For a more accurate estimate, you will need tools like Housesinsale, which take into account the external factors before giving an estimate.

We hope these tools will help you get the most accurate online house valuation.