Students and employees submit doctor notes to justify absence from school and work. This submission is necessary to meet the policies of the educational institutions and at the workplace. However many students who submit these doctor notes often end up in embarrassing situations. A casual glance at the notes is enough to prove that the document is not legitimate. This invites further scrutiny which will end up in the justification for absence not being accepted. Here are the top mistakes that you need to avoid.

Mistake#1.Submitting documents that do not appear valid

Documents issued by doctors or hospitals come with certain mandatory features. For instance, documents come with signatures, real names, watermarks, and logos. : reliable sites such as offer documents that come with all supporting features, which make the doctor notes appear valid. This is not the case with doctor notes availed from sites that offer free service. This will ideally consist of a fixed template that will not have any of the necessary identifying features.

Mistake#2.Choosing services that do not have the callback verification facility

Schools and employees often look for some kind of verification option in the medical documents. While it is true that this is not always used, it helps to have the same on the document. Doctors notes that do not come with any kind of verification will invite further scrutiny and it is highly likely that the school or the employer may try to dig in and look for additional information regarding the submitted document. A reliable service that offers callback verification puts to rest all such doubts and offers more of a foolproof document.

Mistake#3.picking a service that does not offer customizable templates

This is another mistake that most individuals often make. The template that is used for the medical notes, needs to be editable so as to permit the incorporation of changes. This is necessary as most of the conditions that are generally available on free sites are not suitable for everyone. Certain medical conditions are more suitable for individuals of a particular gender, and of the right age group. This makes it necessary to choose templates that are customizable to make the necessary changes. A good service provider will offer templates and documents that are in editable format.

Many individuals fall for the attraction of free services. However, many realize later on that the choice was not the best. The whole idea of using medical notes is for justification of absence or future absence from school or at the workplace. If the medical reasons and the document does not stand up to scrutiny, and if it is not accepted, the whole exercise will be futile. In some cases, this may also attract administrative action for submission of false documents. This can get serious in certain cases, and it is, therefore, necessary to ensure that the submitted documents will stand up to scrutiny and will not attract further attention.