You have to know that when it comes to your lawn, this is the place where you will have people seeing first, as well as possibly your children and family playing and lounging in. You want your landscaping to be perfect so you and others can enjoy not only looking at your lawn, but being in it as well. That’s why it’s important to hire a professional landscaper. If you’re wanting to get the best quality landscaping and hardscaping though, how do you do it? This guide is meant to teach you the three most important steps to hire the top landscaping services in your area.

Knowing the Right Landscaper You need

Some types of landscaping need to have experience creating lush flower gardens, but depending on the landscape style you’re looking for, you may want a more natural approach, or you may want some additional hardscaping, rock gardens, or other areas of expertise when it comes to creating your oasis.
Therefore, you want to know whether you’re a needing a landscape architect, designer, or just a contractor. Other services you may want to know is that you are hiring a horticulturist (plant expert) or even an arborist (tree service expert). The best landscaping companies can actually provide all of the above and meet your needs in various avenues.

Check the Website (If Applicable) and References

You’ll want to do extensive research on your landscaping service before you decide to hire them. Go make sure they have a website, and if they do, look at all of the services they provide to make sure they match your needs. This means you don’t want to hire just a commercial landscaper or architect for your home project that doesn’t have a lot of experience.

Also, you’ll want to check customer reviews, get ahold of the company themselves, and ask them their interrogation survey of questions. You need to know that you’re going to be hiring a licensed landscaper, and that they have a valid active contractor’s license and insurance. Look into additional services and service guarantees to make sure they’re legit, and also get references of recent projects, and whatever other references they provide.

The best contractors won’t hesitate or hold back any information because they take pride in their abilities. This is also the time you want to check what qualified accredited organizations your landscaper of inquisition belongs to as well.


If you’re wanting the best landscaping services, you need to know all of these important steps, and then you can ultimately create the contract with your landscaper. Remember that you never want to sign anything until you have every bit of arsenal at your defense and beware those who offer “too good to be true” prices, because they usually are too good to be true.

If you’re wanting to look at one of the top landscaping services that we’ve found, especially if you’re in Reno, you’ll want to give Legends Landscaping Services a call.