Who else gets excited when it’s time to paint your home? I’m sure everyone. Because this is something that can change the whole look and feel of the house without moving to a new one. If you’re planning to redecorate the home, colouring is where you have to start off. It might sound exciting, but when you step into the exact work, it can get tedious and tough. And the first and foremost work is to find the suitable colour. Choosing something beautiful to your taste and trendy requires a lot of research. To reduce that effort, here we are from your Neighbourhood Painter is here for the rescue.

As per many therapists and psychologists says the colours we have around shows a significant impact on us. When some colours maintain the blood pressure well, some improves the metabolism, and some take off the strain from eyes and body and gives you a balanced effect. But it is also essential that the colours we use emphasize the visual. But the trends of the colour changes from time to time, and here are the top colours trending in 2020 that can increase the beauty of your home:

Classic Blue:

You must have seen the Royal Blue colour in many of the sketchings and painting where it grabs the attention with an immediate effect and goes well with the competent colours like red and green. Well, these days it’s taking the place of black and turning to be a new base. As per the research, it can improve the thought processing.


Whoever said Orange is the New black don’t really know the value of it. It doesn’t have to take up any places wherein it created its own level in the market. While Orange is known for knowledge, loyalty, it also spreads cheers and joy, which help improve healthy social environments.


If you’ve space which is lacking natural light, then your takeaway should be yellow. It brings brightness to the room, which spreads warmth and joy. Also, if you were examined, you might notice in the temples, meditation halls they use yellow walls as a symbol of spirituality.


Old is gold and white is back in trend in 2020. You might think ‘wouldn’t it look bland and boring?’ Not at all. It’s bringing the subtle beauty to reality and standing the perfect example for cleanliness, calmness and peace of mind. Also, needless to say, you can pick your interior of any colours and white elevates them entirely.


“Green represents freshness and abundance. Its soothing satisfactory characterizes the strength of nature,” says Motta, whose bedroom has a bottle green accessory wall. The colour is proven to have a therapeutic effect and is suitable for rooms that target wellness and relaxation.


Blush is the new trend in the market. Either it’s clothes, accessories, or even the houses, blush is turning into the new iconic instruction. Just like white, it brings subtleness but with a pop of its own action and suitable for any piece of the interior from rustic old to modern stacks. It was awesome, and it’ll always be.

Peacock Blue:

Moody paint hues, including peacock blue, charcoal, and off-black, are geared up to take centre stage in the new year. It’s the royal colour that brings the old yet regal feel. Add on some gold, white, or cream colour, and that’s it. You’re all set!


When there was no painting introduced for households, clay mud was the only that used to paste on the colourless walls. Now, we don’t need to use mud directly, but we can surely bring that beauty with the exact same paints.

Not just the above new colours for a stylish and fashionable colouration, but also the different shades of pinks, purples, off-white shades along with mix, metallic finishes like gold, bronze, glitter or pearl red, silver and match textures can bring out a new look to the house. And when you’re painting a larger room, you can also experiment with different colours on each wall with matching wall-hangings or interior. But if you’re painting a small room, keep it simple with solid colours instead of complex texture which might create an adverse effect. So, this time keep it colourful and unique now!