When we think of statement décor, artwork, furniture and rugs are the obvious ideas that come to mind. However, one can think beyond the usual and use drapery to create a wow statement effect in their space.

Curtains and drapes can create a luxurious vibe not just on a regular row of windows; these can also enhance those extra wide and extra long windows that can otherwise seem the odd ones out.

Here are our top five ideas to make a statement with your drapery.

Create contrast

Why not use a dash of accent color to statement effect? Choose a fabric in striking contrast to room wall color. Think pink curtains with pale grey walls, turquoise curtains with off-white walls, or navy blue curtains with burgundy walls. Bold color contrasts – especially with two shades with different undertones – draw all eyes toward the curtains. Just ensure that your curtains are worthy of stealing the limelight.

Create some drama

Cover the highs and the lows. Use extra long curtains that start at the ceiling and fall down to touch the floor length. Or for an extra luxurious touch, make the curtains a bit longer and puddle on the floor for a sumptuous look. This looks absolutely spectacular with rich fabrics like velvets and silks, and the ceiling to floor drapery gives the room an illusion of extra height and grandeur.

Get custom color blocking

Color blocking is not just for fashion and accessories. Your curtains too can be color blocked for a super chic statement look. We recommend custom drapes with color blocking that complement your room’s palette. Pick 2-3 colors from your room’s palette and get drapery that is completely unique and in sync with your space.

Add visual interest with patterned curtains

If your room’s furniture is in solid color palette, use drapery with eye catching patterns to add visual interest. This also makes financial sense as curtains (even custom curtains) are less expensive than furniture upholstery. Curtains and drapes are also more convenient to change if you get bored. You just have to take them down and put up new ones. Here are some outstanding pattern ideas – go for floral print curtains for a quaint cottage feel, a classy fleur de lis print for a classic French look, paisleys for an oriental aura, or sleek chevron stripes for a modern vibe.

Dress up windows in layers for oomph

Think out of the box. Why stick to single layer drapery that everyone else is putting up. Create depth with layers instead. Here are some layering ideas for your windows:

  • Sheers behind, drapery in front – A rich drape paired with coordinating or contrasting sheers looks stunning.
  • Roman shades behind, sheers in front – Roman shades give privacy, sheers add a dramatic note by diffusing light. Absolute poetry!
  • Alternate solids with patterns – Mixing solids and patterned curtains can give a high vibe to windows. Give your creativity full rein with our custom drape offerings.
  • Top up with a valance or scarf – Valances and scarfs can be the crowning glory for curtains. These decorative window top treatments hide the hardware and bring in a regal aura. Perfect for adding a glamorous note!