Just like everywhere else in the world, weddings are a big deal in Canada. Tying the knot is quite a special moment for all kinds of couples. It makes the photography at a wedding arguably as important as the ring. Pictures are a way for the bride and groom to record and treasure every moment. This year, make your weddings even more memorable by striking these unique poses. If you need more classical or creative poses, check out these 60 wedding photography poses for couple, group, and bridal portraits. Save these poses ideas to use them in a short amount of time on the wedding day.

The Close Up

A classic pose that is ideal to illustrate a couple’s love for their new found unity. In this pose, the bride and groom close off their body and face each other. The pose can lead to candid/ intimate shots that can create beautiful timeless portraits.

The Walk

Movement in wedding photography never gets old. A shot when the couple is walking on a pavement, beach, or by the riverside is as naturals as things can get. Take lots of walking shots for fun and unique pictures that the couples will cherish for years to come.

The First Dance

This pose is one for the first pages of a wedding photo album. During the photoshoot, request the newlyweds to practice their reception dance and you’ll have led them into the most romantic pose. To make it even better, let them do it out on a field or somewhere with trees, then blur the background with every shot you take.

The ‘Carry’

Despite the fact that this is a traditional pose, you can still use it to create interesting pictures in 2019. It’s a pose that adds motion and action to the scene. More importantly, the ‘Carry” can look great any kind of background, meaning that it creates great pictures no matter where you are in Canada. However, you have to consult to ensure that the groom is up for the task because it will require a bit of strength from him.

The First Look

It is a picture to capture the groom’s pose the moment he sees his bride wearing the gown for the first time. This photo should capture all the emotion allowing the groom tell it all with his eyes. It is definitely a superb pose illustrating a moment that the groom should never forget.

The Bonus

The five poses above are the best ones to try out at any wedding photo shoot in Canada. However, there are many more poses and it all depends on the kind of photos you are trying to achieve. As a bonus for the above list, you can try out the getaway. It creates the best photo to sign off a wedding album since the groom and bride are in the car, driving away to live life happily ever after.

Just as it has been for years, you can expect many Canadian wedding this year. Make sure that you are well prepared for the events and take pictures that are worth it by being as creative as possible. You can utilize any of the above poses for photos that will trigger deep emotions for a lifetime.