While doing some home shopping, have you ever thought that the stuff you buy would require maintenance too? Yes, of course, they will. With so many errands at your end, you tend to call a maintenance expert for your home appliances such as AC, TV, geyser, etc.  But what if you do not have time to call an expert or probably the expert isn’t available at the time of your need? Well, we are going to tell you 5 routine maintenance which will help you do the maintenance on your own and avoid calling an expert to do so.

Here is what you need to do to cut down on your expenses that the repairing expert will ask for.

Air conditioning system

Air conditioning system
With summers nearly approaching, it is time that you prepare yourself to face that scorching sun and its heat. Coolers do not work for more than a month or so. Thus, we need to get our air conditioners serviced by then. To do so, you might start looking into the “yellow pages” to call a servicing expert. You will find several providers and amongst them you will hire one to do the task. The service is still going to cost you, thus to avoid this expense, here is your solution. You need to get down and DIY – do it yourself.

All you need to do is to pull open your AC box/cover. There you will find a sheet. Take that out and wash it clean. Dry it before you insert it back. Now you switch on your air conditioner. This one goes pretty well. Besides this, these are some useful tips that you need to do so that you don’t end up spending thousands on servicing.

  • Always cover your AC with an AC cover, if you’re not using it for more than a month. This will protect your air conditioner from dust and dirt.
  • Perform regular cleaning so that the dirt doesn’t settle.
  • Never switch on your AC if the voltage is low. Doing this will definitely cost you much.

Garage door opener and chain

Garage door opener
With better perpetuation, you can get continued and a better life for your garage door opener, chain and other parts. The chain drive opener is one of the most widely and commonly used tool in garages today. If not taken care or used properly, it might lead to breakage or damage; resulting in calling for a repair or replacement. Here are some handy maintenance tips that will save you from the useless expenditure. Here at https://www.allaboutdoors.net/ you can read all about the door replacement and repair service.

  • Keep oiling the garage opener and chain regularly. At least once a month.
  • Once or twice in a year, the chain should be checked for any slack in it. If at all there is any slack, the chain limit must be reduced.
  • Besides the chain, the garage door opener shouldn’t be left unnoticed. Keep your garage door opener clean too.

Inspect Chimney for Damage

Chimney for Damage
Whether you live in flats or apartments or a big mansion, kitchen chimneys have become a necessity. But before you install a chimney, you need to know all the details including its pros and cons. Here are some tips which will help you cook more and keep your chimney less dusty.

  • Always install chimneys in your kitchen when you have a duct or an opening for its pipe to pass through. Without any passage, the chimney is useless to be installed.
  • Clean the chimney once a month for better maintenance.
  • Avoid using much of frying sessions in your kitchen. Too much of frying and unnecessary gas emission will lead to the chimney getting dusty and dirty.
  • If you notice that the gas is not being emitted into the duct pipe, you know that there is some problem in the emission.
  • Call the expert immediately.

Safety and security

Safety and security
Regular maintenance is essential for your safety equipment so that they get a long shelf life. When you plan to install any safety or security tool/equipment, it becomes even more critical to understand how should you maintain it. For instance, if you have any door security lock, either battery operated or electricity, you need a tight check for its maintenance.

If it is battery operated, you should know the life of the battery. It will not last long. Don’t let yourself stuck in such a situation wherein you’re not able to unlock it. Keep changing the batteries without any delays. Inadequate checking and lack of maintenance will only lead you to trouble.

Roofs, gutters and downspouts

When it rains heavily, the gutters and downspouts get clogged with leaves and dust. Similarly, dust and dirt settle on your rooftops as well. You might have noticed dampness on your ceilings and walls during autumn. This is because your drainage system gets clogged. To avoid this situation, you need to get the drains, and your gutters/manholes cleaned at least once a year specially before the rainy season. This will keep away all the dust and rotten leaves that might get stuck in it.

All these are some handy and quick to perform duties when you find no one at your rescue. These will even help you in avoiding extra expense you might encounter while maintaining your home.