Jwellery Looking Stylish

Jewelry can help take your outfit to the next level. Read on to learn about the top five jewelry trends that will make you look stylish and sophisticated.

Looking to upgrade your wardrobe this fall? Want to breathe new life into looks you’ve been rocking for seasons but feeling a bit lost?

Staying in fashion doesn’t mean you have to throw out your wardrobe to stay on trend. Keeping your go-to looks fresh can be easy with these easy to execute jewelry trends.

Jewelry Trends for 2018 & Beyond: Statment Earrings

Statment Earrings
Looking for an easy to master jewelry trend? Fashion jewelry has never been easier to master than the statement earring trend.

What’s so easy about statement earrings? You can master this look with one easy minimalist jewelry rule. Pick one piece and skip the rest.

Oversized earrings are great on their own and don’t require any coordinating pieces, so skip the jewelry sets and hunt for a high-quality pair of gemstone statement earrings from this website. They’re sure to speak for themselves.

Not Your Grandmother’s Pearls

Not Your Grandmother's Pearls
Pearls have long been considered a go-to jewelry piece. Heirloom pearls are a great example of how significant and important fashion jewelry can become.

For centuries, natural pearls were a rare and valuable commodity. They were possessed only by people of great wealth and out of reach for the majority of those who were outside the circles of nobility. This rarity, however, was remedied by the ingenious adaptation known as ‘cultured pearls’.

As you may already know, natural pearls are created by oysters who form this desirable compound as a protection from an irritant that has permeated their shell. When natural pearls first became a fashion jewelry trend, they were very expensive due to their rarity.

Cultured pearls, however, were created in the response to the demand for they caused. This was done by injecting an irritant into the oyster to create the desired conditions for pearl creation.

Although many of these oysters created pearls that were not suitable for sale, the process itself was successful enough to create many desirable and dazzling pearls. This process was fine-tuned over time until the famed jeweler Cartier introduced cultured pearls to America in 1916.

America’s obsession with pearls has spanned many decades but the resurgence in interest has little to do with the classic pearls donned in the last century. Modern trends contrast delicate pearls with stark minimalist settings and set pearls ablaze in deconstructed hoops lined dotted with pearls from brands like Ippolita.

Ribbon Cutting: The Grosgrain Bow

Ribbon Cutting
One of the greatest Fall 2018 trends is the grosgrain bow. A favorite on high fashion runways, this embellished take on an understated ribbon is certain to upgrade your autumn wardrobe.

Favored by high-end designers like Gucci, this piece doesn’t belong under the glass of the fine-jewelry counter. Instead, this jewelry trend brings puts the long-neglected brooch back where it belongs… front and center.

Worn at the top of a neckline or as a refined hair accessory, grosgrain ribbon finds new life when adorned with high-quality rhinestone accents. Perfect for the office or a night on the town, this piece reminds us that some of the most relevant jewelry trends were never destined to be worn only on a finger or chain.

Fashion Jewelry Trends for 2018 and Beyond

Fashion Jewelry Trends
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