Keeping up with the health of the entire family is a significant concern for any housewife out there. This further gets challenging when you have a busy schedule and spending hours for food preparation is not a choice for you anymore. However, you can effectively deal with this situation if you have an idea about certain food choices that can save you hassle and time.

This article provides you with some of the best food items that will help you ensure sound health while saving your time. You can either prepare these at home or decide to order it from some of the best restaurants like Original Saigon. The primary objective here is to prevent you from compromising your family’s health along with ensuring that they readily get healthy food in their plate.


Being packed with a lot of pivotal vitamins and minerals, bananas turn out to be a smart choice when it comes to consuming a healthy diet without spending much time preparing it. You can either decide to keep it as an on the go snack or transform it into delicious smoothies. In either way, you will be providing your body with an ample supply of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Potassium, and Magnesium.


Along with being packed with a significant amount of vital nutrients, eggs are also relatively easier to prepare and that too in considerably less time. However, the best thing about eggs is that you can actively experiment with dishes without having to worry about messing anything up. With eggs, there is nutrition heading your way regardless of the form you consume these in.

In busy mornings, you can go with scrambled eggs and pair these with a fresh glass of juice. This will provide you with sufficient energy for the day, along with being satiating for an extended period. The fact that kids also like eggs in their plate makes it easier for you to come up with options like an omelet that ensure health while saving your precious time.

Frozen veggie mix

Not having to chop your vegetables can also be time-saving along with maintaining the healthy dose of nutrients. You can prepare delicious stir fry dishes within a couple of minutes and have a plate that looks colorful and ensures essential minerals. For this, broccoli, peas, carrot turn to be viable candidates that can be easily converted into a tasty meal.

The frozen veggie mix can also be combined with pies and fried rice so as to come up with a staple meal. This will keep you full for hours, along with keeping up with your nutrition quota.


Sprouts need to be on this list, not only because of their rich nutritional value but also because they require minimal preparation time. You can keep these in your child’s lunch box so that nutrients don’t get left out from their daily routine. Sprouts are widely popular for their numerous health benefits, including the likes of enhanced skin, immune system, and improved vision.

Apart from regular salads, sprouts could also be handy when you need to experiment a bit in order to come up with items like sprouts pulaav. You can also search for recipes like sprouts khichdi if you want to include other veggies too.


Avocados are also significantly handy along with packing a decent amount of healthy fat. You can either have them in the form of healthy salads or blend them to come up with delicious smoothies. Avocados possess around 20 nutrients yet take little to no time and efforts for their preparation. Including this in your daily diet can help you keep up with your busy schedule without missing out on the nutritional front.