Think about this: can fun and affordability go together?

When you are on a date, visiting the most beautiful place in the world, the pyramids of Giza and splashing the pictures enviably across Instagram can be thrilling fun. The scenery undoubtedly will be painted in your memory as one of the best things you ever did. But here is the big question: does it come cheap? A blaring NO.

It would amuse you to learn about some cool outdoor dating events that could be real fun and yet affordable. Below are fun and cheap activities that would make your date glamorous.

1. Cook together

Your favorite food might not be something your partner is fascinated about. We will pardon you on that one. But cooking and eating together is something you both would love. This could be a dinner or just a cold afternoon when you are caught indoors by snow.

Go for your partner’s favorite meal, this makes it more romantic. Learn about each other culinary skills and satisfy your taste buds with the craft of your hands. After you have done this and you have no idea of the next thing to cook, pick a food magazine, and follow the recipes together. That is one out of many enjoyable cheap date ideas.

2. Watch movies

It will be lovely to make fun cheap date ideas more sentimental. Movies can just be the answer, from the days of ‘Titanic’ down to ‘Brokeback Mountain.’ You need to fill in the gap here for what you will watch together. Your apologies will not be welcomed easily if your choice turns out to be a horror or boring movie. So prepare, ask what your partner likes but haven’t watched. Alternatively, you can simply ask friends about exciting movies for referrals.

3. Play games

Imagine doing puzzles with your date, two cups filled with French wine are on the table, and your favorite song is playing in the stereo. Can love be more beautiful? This is one fun cheap date ideas you don’t want to miss if the payments aren’t coming often anymore.

The game could be anything you love and agree on — chess, cards, checkers, pick what works for you two. You can savor the recreative flavor of the game while discussing deeper. After some minutes, change the song to something both of you will sing along, and keep drinking wine and playing the game. You love that right?

4. Try out favorite sports

Ditch the SuperBowl, few games are as exciting as that you play with your lover. You can try out sports you both enjoy. This could be aerobics, sprinting, or even your golf balls. You can also try out a sporting judo fight if you don’t mind being charged for domestic abuse.

5. Go for a road trip

Again, you are taking the date out of the house. You want to see the city together and have fun. This is even a better idea because you will visit another destination and continue your romance there.
Everybody wants to save even the $154 billion rich Jeff Bezzos. It would always be nice to spend less on a date without sacrificing the intensity of the romance. Would you mind checking out some other crazy cheap dates ideas that wouldn’t cost you more than $20? Damn, love can be so cheap!