Are you wondering about how to keep your newborn asleep at night? Or have you ever asked yourself why your efforts are hardly successful? Well, think no more because we want to show you 5 baby sleep tips which actually work. Sincerely, staying awake during the night is incredibly tiresome and we don’t want you to suffer any longer.

Let’s Jump In!

1.Use Co-Sleepers

Co-sleeping is one of the greatest ways of ensuring your baby sleeps well all the time. It’s where you sleep with your baby in the same room but not on the same bed. This is where the need for baby co-sleepers really comes in. They help your baby to sleep right next to you and this would probably increase the length of his sleep time by at least 50%. This is according to a report published by the Parenting Science Organization.

Besides ensuring a long enough sleep, a baby co-sleeper will as well reduce the chances of your newborn suffering SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome,) which may result from suffocation, injuries, and even infections

2.Try Dream Feeding

Dream feeding involves giving your baby food just before getting to bed. Yes! You might have suffered lots of sleepless nights but this could be the solution to saving you from the mess. According to BabyCenter organization in the UK, feeding your baby before sleeping would give him adequately enough energy and chances are really so high he would sleep for long. So, prepare his meal and feed him immediately he wakes up, then let him rest well before the next nap.

3.Use of White Noise

Considering that babies are mostly light sleepers, even the slightest noise in the house could stop them from sleeping. Therefore, if you want to get beyond this nightmare easily, then perhaps, it’s just the right time to try white noise. The white noise will give your newborn an amazingly quiet and consistent environment and the length of his sleep will just impress you. Fans or white noise machines are the incredible sources of white noise but you must not put them too close to the baby.

Note that if the machines were placed too close, then the baby would be stimulated to wake up soon just after being laid in his bed and you just don’t want this to happen.

4.Reduce the Lengths of Daytime Naps

A medical study by the WebMD organization successfully established that a healthy nap shouldn’t last for more than 2 and a half hours. Additionally, the longer your baby sleeps during the day is the less likely he’ll sleep at night. So, the best solution, in this case, is to minimize each of the daytime naps by at least some minutes. Instead of letting your newborn to sleep for up to 2 and a half hours, let him go for only 2 hours and then wake him up and feed him. This would probably earn you more hours of a peaceful night.

5.Avoid Rushing in Whenever He wakes up

Babies usually cry or babble as they sleep and this is absolutely normal. In many cases, this doesn’t last for long before they settle and get back to sleep. We, therefore, advice that you give him time before you may rush in to attend to him. However, if he happens to cry continuously then you should rush in immediately to comfort and stay with him.

Remember that it’s important to take good care of your baby for better and healthier development. Even as you try to ensure that they get enough sleep, be sure to stay away from those practices which really don’t add any value to their well-being. Begin today and enjoy a lovely and quiet night every day.